40 weeks 3 Days

Went to the doctor today…
I’ve had some progress, apparently it’s enough for Dr. Austin because,
We will be called in tomorrow night to start the induction process.
Can I get a WOO HOO!
Now here’s to hoping it all goes smoothly…

So here it is…
Final Chalkboard Photo!!

Umm… I just noticed that my grammar is off on this. So let’s ignore that I must have had trouble deciding between “we’ve passed ready” and “we’re past ready”.
We shall call that a pregnancy moment!
How far along? 40weeks & 3 Days
Total weight gain/loss: officially +40lbs. Can’t wait for it to go away 🙂
Maternity clothes? yep… they are just too comfy! I am able to mix in some pajama pants & sports bras though.
Stretch marks? still none! So thankful for that. Guess the real test will be childbirth
Sleep: I am loving naps this week. But still getting bursts of energy. For the most part sleep is pretty good but I have to force myself to not get anxious cause then it’s horrible trying to sleep. 
Best moment this week: it’s a toss up between all the quality time with Brad and our appt today. And the week isn’t even over yet!!
Have you told family and friends: Pretty much hearing from 3-5 different people every day… we are all just waiting! So yep they know 🙂
Miss Anything? My stomach being flat. Sub sandwhiches. Sushi. Alcohol. Eating whatever I want. But none of this is really that bad… cause when he finally arrives it will all be worth it!
Movement: Oh gosh. All The Time! He is such a little mover! I wonder if this is any indication of how he’ll be out of the womb. Ahhh 🙂
Food cravings: Nothing special. I’m still enjoying food in small amounts so thats a good thing!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I’ve had some small moments of nausea this week. It’s strange but it usually happens in the morning or late afternoon.
Gender prediction: I’m pretty much counting on him still being a boy!
Labor Signs: More cramps this morning!!! Some light spotting and of course the occasional contraction.
Belly Button in or out? definitely out
Wedding rings on or off? off still 😦
Happy or Moody most of the time: getting more moody. mostly cause I’m so ready. But I think I’ve done an excellent job being happy this week… all things considered!
Weekly Wisdom: Patience is tougher once your due date passes. Looking back I’m sure I will be more than thankful to have had this extra time to relax/be lazy/prepare for our son. But being overdue really is no fun! 
Looking forward to: Meeting our lil’ man!!
Going to do a little X-mas baking today and spend the evening relaxing.
Of course I”ll be re-packing my hospital bag (just in case I need something else) but really to double quadruple check I have everything and add in a few extra “to-dos” for the long night of waiting.
Also I’m starting to feel a little nervous/anxious so any positive thoughts, extra prayers, good ju-ju sent our way would be much appreciated!
 I know no matter what it will turn out great, and that sometime on Friday we will be holding our sweet baby boy!
Who knows I may even post from the hospital tomorrow night if I get really bored!
Here we go….

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