St. Patty’s Day

You have to love a holiday that doesn’t take much to plan for! 
Of course, I had to get festive with my nails… this way I will have on some green no matter what! 
And I’m plotting up some extra green (healthy) ideas so that we celebrate all day long.

And that was before . . .
A very busy week
And then this awful cold got ahold of me! Yuck!

So here we are… it’s officially St. Patricks Day & all of my best laid plans… out the window.

Of course the kicker, I have to work tonight.
Oh well. We still are having as lovely of a Sunday as we can.
Which means we slept in nice and late. 
And our little munchkin is appropriately dressed to impressed for this green holiday. 

Which meant a fun little photo shoot… 

Hey. I’m not sure about this camera mom.
Your silly… still taking pictures!

Look guys… I’m not ready to crawl yet. I’m just getting close!

after I took a bunch Gran-Wen (Brad’s Mom) stopped by so we snagged her to take a couple of family photos. Most of them just make me laugh at our ridiculousness.

ah duhhh….  hahahaha!
silly daddy
we got a cute one

I did have high hopes of shamrock shaped foods & all things green. 
Instead I’m settling for a few lovely green carnations & a bowl of lucky charms. 

But hey the boys plan on visiting me later at work to have dinner so that will make it all better!

Happy St. Patty’s Day Friends!! 

I leave you with this cuteness…

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