Wednesday, Words, Walks & Weekend adventures

here we are folks
middle of the week
I don’t know about you but, I’m LOVING it!!
so much happens in our lives I just enjoy every second. 
today I had the chance for reflection….
I’m still learning so much about this great big blogging world. Each day I find someone new to read and I fall in love with a different person’s story. I am inspired by all of the creativity, passion, rawness and love that is put out daily by these amazing women (I have yet to find a male blogger to follow, but I’m sure you’re out there somewhere). These stories and life journeys that others are choosing to document, just as I am. make me full of joy. sorrow. even wonder. I am finding my only little niche in cyber-space, but truthfully I don’t care where I fit in when compared to others. I do know that when I look back on this one day I hope to be flooded with the memories, not just what I have documented, the ones that I haven’t. The little pieces that I choose to keep private. I love knowing that my son {and hopefully future children} will be able to read this one day and see his life as it started, see the beginning of our family, live all of the memories through my eyes and see the pure love I have for him. 
Here I am creating my own space, full of our story.
 I also got to enjoy some pool time with my son today…

We had a very exciting evening last night. If you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook you already saw the big news. But our little munchkin took off walking! So. freakin. cool. Let me tell you.
We are over the moon excited by his independence. 
 & His happy little face when he does it just makes me melt.
I’m also going to back track a little and share with you some of our fun from the weekend. Cash & I joined my good friend, her 2 boys & her mom at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens pumpkin patch. It’s a neat little thing they do. Perfect for having such young little ones. We skipped all the carnival games and went straight for the hay bail tractor ride out to the patch. The boys loved the tractor, not so much the hay (shoot my butt wasn’t happy about it either), and Cooper had fun leading us through the maze.
There they had a hay maze, petting zoo, live music, pumpkin decorating and pumpkins spread out all over for the little ones to choose from. It was took cute to watch the boys just stare at everything. I’m pretty sure their favorite part was the petting zoo. For Cash & Carter (who are only 3 weeks apart) this was the very first time they had seen farm animals up close. Cash was too funny, laughing & squealing at each of the animals. He absolutely loved to feel the different textures of their fur. 

 This was no where near my childhood memories of u-pick your own pumpkin and dad cuts it right from the vine in the chill of fall. But it’s what we’re working with in Arizona. I hope to show Cash that side of things one day, real fall in Washington state. Plus I know that when he is a little bigger we will start are own family traditions, maybe a drive up to Payson or Flagstaff to see the leaves change and Cashman can literally pick his own pumpkin. All things considered… He didn’t do too bad here though.

As you can see, there was some serious thought that went into which one to choose. In the end we snagged a big one & this little tiny one just cause he was so enamored with it. 
Of course since then I’ve picked up 2 more pumpkins from the grocery store. 
We can’t wait to do some carving very soon (I’m thinking Friday night Fun?!) 
In other weekend fun news, we met up with the Grandparents for a little dinner at Outback 

 After studying the menu, Cash informed Grandpa what he would be eating that night. 

Here is our little pumpkin already sneaking into the Halloween Candy stash…
If this face doesn’t make your day… nothing will 🙂
bye for now.
Have a great night!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, Words, Walks & Weekend adventures

  1. Kris shares a blog post every once in a while from a guy and I think his blog is “single dad laughing” or something like that. I have read it a few times and find it very entertaining and smart. Not sure what blog forum he is on but I am sure he wouldn't be hard to find. Love reading your updates and think like you do that it is an awesome “scrapbook” to keep for your family! Love you much! Kelly


  2. Ahhh, Kelly beat me to it and I think the title of the one Kris follows (ed)? is correct,maybe ask her. Love the pictures of the lil punkin at the pumpkin patch and keep your running shoes handy, looks like he will keep you running for many years to come. Not sure if I have shared with you that my dying niece was also a blogger. She enjoyed it and many times we rolled our eyes in wonder at what she chose to share. She started while pregnant with her 1st born and continued up until last spring with the onset of the end. Complete at that time with her language difficulties. It is truly heartbreaking in hindsight(especially her posts upon initial diagnosis 10 days after her daughters birth)and the ones where she questions why her and yet accepts her fate. And yet it is truly a gift, her thoughts at the time were that it would be an interesting read for her kids one day. And so it shall be. We were gifted a sum of money that we were directed to use to do “something for her kids”…we will print and bind three copies to be given to each of her children, years from now when they are able to see the value. Love you XO


  3. Thank you Kelly! I'm so glad you love reading it! It's nice to know people are 😉 Also, thanks for the info on that blogger, I'll have to check him out. I know they are out there just haven't found a good one that I enjoy reading. love u!


  4. Thank you Cindy! She sent me the link to it on facebook… so now I will read up! 🙂
    I would also love the link to your niece's blog? It sounds like I should have a box of kleenex handy. But how amazing that her children will have that piece of her to re-read at different stages of their lives. It's nice when there is a little light in such a dark place. Sending you much love & hugs as I know the days are getting tougher. xo


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