March Bluum Box

 At the end of the month Cash’s March Bluum box finally arrived!! Yay to fun goodies in the mailbox! 

It is truly a treat to see a box arrive with lil man’s name on it. And this is a super fun surprise for all of us! Not only this this month’s box have goodies for Cash but this Mama got spoiled a little as well. We were pleased with our loot. Each item is hand picked for his age and they really fit him this month. Especially since Cash is LOVING all kinds of books lately, this hard page lift the flap book is a hit. And he’s been trying to put on his own shoes and socks so new comfy, festive colored socks made for some unexpected fun. I absolutely love the hand scrub! I’m a sucker for all things that make my hands soft. And the face towelettes are quite helpful for those extra tired/lazy nights when removing my makeup is a daunting task. The only thing we haven’t tried yet is the blueberry baby shampoo. It smells delicious but we are too stuck on our regular Aveeno wash to venture away from it yet.
I included the Bluum details and pictures so you can get a much better idea of each item! 

These products are trending with Bluum moms with 15 months old sons

Babysoy USA - Signature Solid Socks - Grass 12-24 Months

for baby – Babysoy USA – Signature Solid Socks – Grass 12-24 Months – $4.00

If you’re anything like 99% of the population, you’ve probably lost enough socks to cover the feet of a sea full of baby octopi by now. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with the BabySoy basics – made from organic soybean fibers.

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Blum Naturals - Towelettes - Cucumber

for mom – Blum Naturals – Towelettes – Cucumber – $7.49

Blum Naturals is built on the simple things in life and uses ingredients found only in nature. The products are infused with natural plant extracts, fruit sugars and nourishing antioxidants that easily remove waterproof makeup and dirt buildup leaving your skin clean and smooth.

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Circle Of Friends - Han's Blueberry Shampoo

for baby – Circle Of Friends – Han’s Blueberry Shampoo – $11.40

Your child will see a difference in their hair with this great product. It’s ideal for thick or curly hair, but all hair types are welcome! It cleans thoroughly while leaving hair conditioned, maintains hair’s ideal moisture balance and adds shine and body. It won’t sting their eyes and best of all, it’s SLS free.

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Parragon Books - Peekaboo I Love You Big Lift The Flap

for baby – Parragon Books – Peekaboo I Love You Big Lift The Flap –$8.99

Your child likely loves recalling the names of people and objects around. Combined with what is likely another of their favorite activies, reading, makes the pages of this book pure fun.

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Deep Steep - Hand Scrub - Passion Fruit Guava

for mom – Deep Steep – Hand Scrub – Passion Fruit Guava – $9.95

Between diaper changes, bathtime, and regular household duties, your hands could use some pampering. The Deep Steep Passion Fruit Guava Hand Scrub exfoliates and revitalizes tired hands, polishing them to perfection.

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After this month I definitely encourage all mommies to give them a try. It’s a neat way to be introduced to new products! Plus who doesn’t love mail? 🙂
Go ahead, check them out! You could even gift a box/subscription to a mommy in your life! 
Just click here for 50% off your first month! 
Have a wonderful day friends!

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