Essential Oils.
I know they’re everywhere.
That’s only because… they are freakin amazing!
I’m not kidding. We have been using them for about a month now and I’m hooked {hubby is on board but now completely sold & Cash just goes with the flow}. 
It’s crazy how the littlest thing can change your life in a great way.
Being able to help my family with the littlest things empowers me as a wife & mama. But doing it with DoTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils speaks to my natural anti-pharacutical drugs side!! A medicine cabinet makeover seems like that best way to make a positive change!! 
Essential Oils have been used for centuries, dating back to ancient Egyptians & Greeks. They can be used in so many ways… Aromatically (most specifically diffused), applied Topically and some oils can even be ingested as dietary supplements Internally
Want to read in super detail (cause I don’t have time to type that much this morning)??? 
Look here & here
For those that don’t know me well I am so clumsy!! Like more than your average clumsy, my dad calls me “Grace” clumsy, ouch that wall just jumped in front of me clumsy. 🙂 The first week we had our Physicians Kit I bumped my ankle on a Wednesday night. Woke up Thursday feeling like I had chipped off bone. Limped around all day long until just before bed, when I rubbed some Deep Blue on it. I woke up Friday morning with a “new ankle”. No I’m not kidding. I couldn’t believe it. I actually want to get back into the gym just so I can have sore muscles to rub this stuff on. 
Plus Mr. Peach was recently told by his Chiropractor/massage therapist that it’s the best stuff to be using on his back and shoulders before bed to battle the pain of the herniated disk & stress. 
Of course for the Month of March there is a crazy special that gets you the rub & the oil for free!
Look. Look. Look.
I now am so hooked. We are diffusing, rubbing on, cooking with and just the other day I made some chapsticks and neosporin. Today I plan to whip up some creams, a hair pomade for the boys and a face moisturizer! I’m telling you the options are endless. I love that we have a much more natural choice for our everyday “stuff”. Knowing that what we’re rubbing on our bodies is something straight from plants instead of synthetic chemicals makes me feel like a super mama! 
Don’t worry I’m not going straight crunchy yet {just part of the way}. I still plan to eat out occasionally, use bleach on the gross whites, eat a few donuts and probably drink my coffee with the french vanilla coffemate creamer. Cause well, you can’t change everything you know. And moderation is better than cold turkey! Trust me! 
Interested in a sample to try them for yourself??? Just email me
I would love to help & answer your questions!!
This journey is something I have quickly become passionate about.
I cannot wait to share it with others!

As this blog is all about our life… I love that we have a brand new adventure to share with you all!
Along with food recipes I will soon be adding recipes for oils too!
Thanks for reading along and taking the journey with us! 
Very soon I will have a Cash update 🙂 Cause who doesn’t love pictures of that kid!
Bye for now!

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