Only 4 Days Left in March

Hard to believe but this month is coming to a close.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the Essential Oils Movement 
You who tried out a little sample and loved them but once it was gone just forgot about it
You who has been struggling with chronic headaches, indigestion, joint pain, or just insert your health issue here
now is as good of time as any…

Actually it’s better than you’d think! 
DoTERRA’s March deal of a Free 5mL EO bottle of Deep Blue & a Free tube of the Deep Blue rub when you place any order of 200PV is crazy awesome!! I know you all have experienced achy joints, sore muscles and just plain ol aches & pains. None of that is any fun… but I can’t gush enough on how amazing the Deep Blue Rub (and the oil) is. You only need a pea sized amount to soothe those aches and speed up your bodies natural healing process. 

don’t click the photo try this for details instead 🙂
Why are essential oils effective?
Essential oils can penetrate cells to eliminate threats from the inside out! Pharmaceuticals are synthetic and too large to cross the blood brain barrier of a cell which is why pharmacies & doctors don’t have a cure for the common cold or flu! Essential oils are lipid and are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier helping the cell and your body heal itself!

If you’re on the fence due to cost take a closer look.
Did you know the essential oils are actually fairly inexpensive? The average doctors trip costs most people of $30-$40 in co-pay and anywhere between $40-$100 in antibiotics/prescriptions if you have insurance coverage. Not to mention the time spent in the waiting room! Yuck more Germs! An average bottle of oil holds 250 drops. If you use DoTerra’s DigestZen essential oil for a stomach ache or heartburn the cost per drop is 12 cents. If you use 3 drops your total cost per use is 36 cents with no side effects and relief within minutes! No doctors visit needed saving you time and money!

Now tell me again that Essential Oils are expensive??
Sure it seems like a lot to start, trust me I started cheap and have probably spent way more than I should’ve once I discovered how effective they truly are. Honestly, I don’t even own half of DoTerra’s products (yet). But what I do have are options, for something that is versatile, natural, and most importantly effective when taking care of myself & my family. 

Want to know even more… click here!
I’m sharing cause I really believe in them! I would love to share them with you. Even if you just want to try out a few samples I would be happy to help!
Have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me by comment, email or even text message! 

Have a wonderful evening (or day) friends!
Bye for Now

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