A Little About Me

So much has happened in our lives and this seems like a wonderful place to document all of the adventures with two growing little boys.  

I’m 31, born in Washington and spent 1/2 of my growing up in Arizona. Out of high school I went to college in Iowa (it’s amazing where a soccer scholarship will take you), made some wonderful memories and even better friendships. From there it was back to Washington to find my place (still working on that, but aren’t we all), where I met the man of my dreams and agreed to move with him to Colorado. We have since moved back to Arizona and returned to our sunshine loving selves. I love my family and friends more than anything. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss those close to me who live so far away, it just makes vacations that much more enjoyable. And I cherish our little family that is growing oh so quickly. 

I am a generally happy person and I always try to be positive. But I’m a big fan of keeping it real and life is crazy. I do my best to be healthy in every area of my life but deep down I’m a fat kid at heart… it’s all about moderation. I enjoy working out, probably more than the average person. I love to play soccer and watch football! I’m addicted to way too many t.v. shows and that’s okay… DVR is the best invention, then shows can be saved for lazy days. I try to be a good person and I strive to make sure those around me know how loved they are. 

Every day truly is a blessing. We are throughly enjoying all of the moments and special memories we’re making! Thank you for joining in on our journey! Happy Reading!