Easter Surprise

I’m finally getting it together… duh duh duh… starting a blog.
I figure this will be a wonderful way to document all of the FuN things happening to me/us. And the easiest way for the family/friends to know what is going on in our world. I have been journaling and taking pictures but it seems smart to get it all in the same place. 

So we will backtrack a little… April 4th, 2012
We woke up morning of and let me tell you I just knew. So much pain in my boobs and I was so tired even after getting my full 8 hours. {I had a strange feeling all week and a little voice in my head kept warning me, but I know Brad and I were just pushing it away with lots of jokes at that point.} So that morning, he gets up & I go back to sleep. I wake again maybe an hour later to find him ever so sweetly attempting to make pancakes, lets just say he tried 🙂 and since then they have gotten much better. After some funny faced taste-testing we opted for calling in IHOP to-go! Some debating on whether I should stop & get a test on the way his thoughts “if you want to but I don’t think you’re pregnant”. {Guess he’ll be listening to my hunches a little more now eh}. I went and picked up a test and our food. We had barely finished and he looks at me “hurry go take the test now” So I read every single direction to him and then went in the bathroom, I followed the steps and left the stick on the counter while I went in the living room to wait. I waited the suggested 3 minutes and went to check… Of course 2 lines and I just walked out holding it in shock, Brad looked at my face and said “no, go pee on another” instantly I started to cry, he hugged me and we went back into the bathroom for round two {For those who don’t know, apparently those little suckers are speedy if you really are pregnant. Something I wish I would’ve known years ago during some of those “scares” lol. But if you have the hormone it is pretty much an instant 2 line appearance as your pee moves across the stick} This time we both watched it happen. Then came the discussion what are we going to do… How do we tell our parents? Are we ready for this? Is this what we want? He did his best to calm me down, of course I can’t stop crying at this point who knows if it’s from fear, or excitement, or simply hormones. After much discussion (and even a 3rd test) he concludes “I’m 30, it’s time for me to have a kid anyway” So simple and sure. I love him so much!!! 

If that’s not positive I don’t know what is

I started the online research and found out the estimated due date 12/3/12. We decided he would tell his parents and I would call mine that day. Lots of initial shock… We might still be adjusting to it.

Even after IHOP breakfast. Had to get a shot of the stomach before the abs are really gone. 
Approximately 7 weeks!

We went to Easter at his parents house the next day. Somehow the nausea has already started, just in the car. And boy am I one tired girl.

And less than 2 weeks later we went to the doctor. Who turned out to be the nurse practitioner (who we will never ever see again). To see the most wonderful miracle on that little screen.
Brad is convinced you can see a little “pee-wee” But I just keep on explaining there are no external sex organs yet. LOL… He certainly is hoping for a boy!

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