Burnett Family Christmas in Arizona!

Mom & Dad have arrived… they even brought Winky (my younger brother David, what a sweet nickname he has). They are here until the end of the month sometime and it will make for much entertainment for us all! It’s so nice to have more family here and of course more arms to hold Cash (meaning I get lots more done) 🙂
It should be a fun filled week leading up to Christmas. We mostly plan to just relax… and of course mom & I will be doing a massive amount of cookie/goodie baking. I think that will be exactly what I give out as gifts this year! Why not right?!

Cash and Grandpa Don… first time @ 10 Days old

Also this weekend I took Cash to meet Santa for the first time on Sunday! He of course slept right through it and woke up as soon as Santa left… but hey we got some great pictures! Plus it was free and they let us take our own pictures to our hearts content! Lucky for him Grandma & Grandpa Jenkins live in a very nice area that does things like this and we were able to avoid the mall crowds (and germs)!

Santa 2012
Of course there will be much more to come as the week continues! 

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