15 Month Update

Hard to believe it but another month in 2014 is gone… Cash is 15 months old today! Crazy right.

Dear Cash:
Woah. Slow Down kid…
You are growing & changing so much each day!
Your Dad & I are constantly saying did he grow an inch overnight? I swear you learn a new trick each day. It’s so fun for us to see you change, learn and imitate what we do. You have the happiest disposition (most of the time). Plus you are the sweetest little boy I’ve ever seen (not just mommy bias here). Your hugs with your little arms squeezing so tight fill me with so much joy. Thank you for being such an amazing little boy. Mommy & Daddy are so very proud of you. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you. And we love you more every day. 

Here we are back so soon to post all about my kid (haha) A lot happens in a month with a child. So much growth and change it’s pretty much mind boggling. I love that we will have these to look back on

AGE: 15 months old
 somewhere between 27 & 28 pounds depending on the time of day. He’s actually getting pretty lean in his face and arms. His whole body has just lengthened out but that belly bulges out by the end of every day which is very entertaining. 
CLOTHES: still in 18 month clothing. filling them out pretty well and starting the push towards 24mo PJs
FAVORITE FOODS: still loves food! Although some days he just gets in the mood to be picky. We are usually able to get him to eat but if he really refuses he waits until the next meal. (good thing he’s not even close to starving). I’m super proud to say we have a salad lover on our hands. He will chow down on salad for dinner and completely skip french fries, pizza or chicken nuggets. I’m not complaining one bit. 
FAVORITE WORDS: da-da still seems to be in the lead. Although some Mmm sounds have been heard. He also is babbling lots more and will have lengthy conversations with Daddy. Lots of pointing and uses the sign for “more” when he wants more.
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: playing outside. Walks to the park. Helping mommy in the kitchen. Hugs for Daddy, especially in the morning. Pulling stuff out of the fridge {very helpful this one}. He absolutely loves Running & climbing {you know dangerous boy stuff}.
LEAST FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Coming back inside after playing outside. The afternoon nap.
SIGNATURE MOVES: Running away when he knows he has something he shouldn’t. Saying “awww” when he hugs something. Finding his belly button (and everyone else’s), full shirt lift up of course {nevermind that we’re in the middle of Target kid}.
FAVORITE TOYS: We’ve progressed to cars and stuffed animals. He has recently developed a serious blanket attachment. He’s really loving stacking the colored rings and putting together puzzles. And of course he still loves every kind of ball.
MOM & DAD’S PROUDEST MOMENT: watching him stick his fingers up his nose in an attempt to plug it when we say “stinky” about his dirty diaper {thanks Great Grandma for that trick}. Also in his finest fussy moment {full on laying on the ground screaming as we were making dinner} we offered him a little snack and he gives the instant grin.
True fat kid moment haha

  Here are a few snapshots of the last month… so many moments. It’s fun to share!
really mom… can we buy these for Easter? I swear I wont put them in my mouth
morning cuddles
hiding in the cupboard…
would you like some peanut butter & jelly?
on the verge of a morning fit.

oooh… a mushroom (don’t worry he didn’t get to eat it)
don’t touch my blanky

 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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