61 Years

Last Friday my grandparents celebrated 61 years of marriage.

How freakin Awesome is that! That’s a really, really long time to love, cherish and just plain put up with someone. It’s absolutely Amazing. I am so grateful to still have them around. Even if we live a few states away, they are always just a phone call away. Plus we do make frequent visits to the Northwest!

I know hubs & I are aspiring to that number and beyond… although that would make him 93 & me 88 hmmm he might be a little onry by then 😉 But really we do know how much of a blessing it is to have such a wonderful example of love in our life. Not only from them, but our parents as well, I must add.
Of course married life isn’t always love & roses {pretty sure my very own grandma would tell you herself there are days she pictures smacking my grandpa upside his head} but that’s what makes it so great… you and this person decided on forever together. Better or Worse. To always stand by each other. I really believe, honoring that commitment is one of the simple greatest things you can do for yourself, each other and your children. {just my two cents}

Here they are the last ones out on the dance floor for the Anniversary Dance at our wedding, how sweet is this…

We love you so much Grandma & Grandpa! We look forward to celebrating year after year with you! Congrats again on 61 years!


One thought on “61 Years

  1. Beautifully stated Jennifer – I should have waited to read this until I got home instead of at lunch… Yes we are indeed blessed on all sides of the family. I believe that you and Brad have the right hearts, heads and souls to make it too!


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