lets get crafty today

Last Friday, Cash and I took a little trip to Mesa. We went to visit a good friend who was in town for the weekend and a few girlfriends of mine from high school. On our way to dinner we detoured to IKEA cause I mean it was sorta on the way. Besides we had extra time that day and IKEA has a couple of necessities that I’ve had my eye on for whenever the munchkin was ready. Being that Saturday was his half birthday the timing was PERFECT! Here they are… I love how simple & clean they look.

step stool
Of course once they were all put together, my concern was confirmed… the step stool is way too high for the bathroom. darn it. On the bright side it will be perfect in the kitchen when he’s just a little bit older. Now since this bad boy will be sitting in my kitchen (and it does look almost too plain) it seems necessary to add a little bit of a personal touch. you know i’m always down for a good project.
No matter what it is… a new (or old) item, some acrylic paint, scissors, brushes and a can of spray paint is really theraputic for the soul. of course it’s easy to buy new decor that is already at the level of stylish you crave but one really cannot replace the accomplished feeling of just doing. it. yourself. 
Turns out I had another little project for our home waiting to be painted as well and even with a toddler running around in 100 degree heat you can make things happen! I promise…

Here they are: step stool & welcome mat
 Both projects are super quick and easy to do. Let’s start with the stool.
Take your painters tape & mask off what you want to keep the original wood color.
I went with a couple simple stripes

 hand paint whatever colors you’d like.
I opted for white and then spray painted the gold bottoms.
once the paint dried in the sun I touched up the white again to make it pop 
and then added a coat of sealant 
 (sorry my pictures don’t have pretty white backgrounds… I don’t claim to be a professional)
 I’m loving how it worked out! simple and fun! who doesn’t like gold & white? it’s so in right now 🙂

Now for the welcome mat. I’ve been searching for a cute one that fits our home. Of course my husband would love if I got a Seahawks one just so he can wipe his feet on it. But he wants to keep me around so that wont be happening any time soon. Sure I could just get the standard welcome or some cutesy saying but where’s the crafty in that? Instead I found a neat idea while web browsing/blog reading/pinteresting {clearly I’m not sure where I found it}. But it stuck in my head, I did pin it and I ordered a plain mat. Bed Bath & Beyond has them use your coupons and order it in the store for free shipping. Or get an even better deal at IKEA cause they have em too (only $9.99 seriously I wish I had seen it sooner)! 

 Create your stencil and stick it to the mat. I started with white acrylic paint to make sure my spray paint would pop out. Although I am concerned that it will rub off. Good thing I can make more stencils.
Move your project outdoors. Make sure the rest of the mat is covered and go to town with your spray paint. Thank goodness for rubber gloves and multiple coats.
It turned out fairly well. Although I’m sure doing a thicker stencil would make it stand out more.
Our front door is looking more and more homey. 
Guess it’s time to make a festive Independence day wreath next!
Hope you all are having a wonderful day… no matter what time you’re reading this

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