Happy Sunday {our week recap}

Since Cash has me up at 5:45am every morning I have started this post about five different times. But lucky for me the little guy keeps me so entertained and busy I have yet to actually finished it before this afternoon (I swear it was started on Friday).

We’ve had a busy little week. Still haven’t quite kicked the nasty cold out of the house… Poor hubby can’t seem to catch a break with this one. He definitely got it the worst! Crossing my fingers we can get rid of it all for good in the upcoming week.

Watched a good friends daughter for a few hours on Wednesday night. 

Cash absolutely loved having a playmate. He was sad to see her leave.
I’ve been doing lots of nesting… Projects for days!
 I love making the changes to organize and decorate our home! It’s so much fun to have a blank slate to work with and make it fit us perfectly! If I can get all of my ideas out we’re never going to want to move again! 🙂 Or at least for 5-10 years lol. I actually don’t mind having to put together these little furniture pieces.
I’m super excited to share the playroom redo with you all! Just waiting on a few wall things to come in & I need to get some more hardware to hang up the “Car Garage”.  Hoping it will be a share for this next week but we’ll see when things arrive! Mr. Peach just keeps rolling his eyes at all the package deliveries {oops} but I swear it hasn’t been anything crazy! Online shopping is just SO much easier than going out with a cranky toddler. Even though Lowes & Home Depot love us lately…

We have an exceptionally Proud Parenting Moment this week
Or you can just call it Cash news…  someone has turned into quite the budding artist.

And not in the best way either. 
He decided to pick Saturday to decorate the bathroom and a wall in the playroom. Luckily the bathroom was just with bathtub crayons (at 5:45am mind you) so those things came off super easy. 
And it was way too early for me to start yelling.
The window sill in the playroom is another story. I’m still not sure where he actually found the dry erase marker, we were watching the playoff football games, and he sure fooled us. Every time I looked he was just playing with toys and having fun. Then came the 5 minutes of pure silence. crap. Of course mommy instincts kicked in, I went out to check on him, and uh oh! 

I just said “um Brad this isn’t good, you need to come see this” Cash handed me the marker and dropped to the ground in fake tears. It was actually pretty funny but we tried to stay serious. When I told grandma the story she asked if he got a timeout, my reply, “No, He was pretty distraught over our disappointment” REALLY?? hahahaha… At that point I was more mad at myself that he even found the markers and the fact that it happened twice in one day!!! Plus he’s only 2. We scolded and took things away. But, Sometimes it’s more the parents fault than the kids right. So todays project… figure out how to take dry erase marker off the wall. Don’t worry I’ve googled it already. Just need to get to the store and buy a few things to try. Yay! If nothing else we have extra paint… whew.
It feels good to be productive and less lazy than the previous weeks. 
Here’s to hoping we can continue the trend.
Added bonus… The Seahawks won last night!!! Can’t wait for the NFC Championship game! woohoo
All in all it was a great week! We got lots done and I have a nice to-do list for this week.
Plus a few playdates planned 🙂
Hope you all are having a nice relaxing Sunday! 
You can find us on the couch watching football today.

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