Easy {Dairy Free} Avocado Sauce

Seriously this was the easiest sauce I’ve ever made in my entire life.
Have I mentioned before how much I just love my food processor? Well I do! If you don’t have one trust me it’s worth it to invest in the big boy & save yourself a ton of time in the kitchen. 

a few weeks back I was mid dinner prep when I realized we were sauceless. Meaning out of pesto, no fresh basil and not a single jar of canned sauce in the pantry. Of course when you’re attempting to avoid all things processed it takes some advanced planning to prep meals, somehow my preggo brain spaced the sauce part of “spaghetti squash pasta”. With the broccolini just starting to heat, I knew I needed to whip up something quick. So after a quick fridge/pantry scan, I frantically started googling quick avocado pasta sauce, easy alfredo, avocado alfredo, etc…
All of these involved cheese ugh. And then I found this and this
And I thought ok I can make this work for us!
I grabbed my food processor threw in an avocado, a cup of water, a splash of coconut milk, some lemon juice, a touch of onion, garlic, and of course some S & P. 
Blended that bad boy up, and boom I had sauce to heat and pour over our spaghetti squash in less than 5 minutes! Easy Peasy!
Honestly, it made a ton… So I just saved the rest for a couple days in the fridge. Worked out great on two more dishes: over butternut squash raviolis and as a dressing for taco salad.
For the next go round I’ll definitely add in some basil or spinach to thicken it up. 
Another tip: use a little less liquid to start out with it really doesn’t thicken too much when you heat it and you can always add more liquid later.
Happy Tuesday Friends.
bye for now

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