Life Lately

you could say we’ve been busy… or just living really. 
Trying to soak up as much relaxing time, while truly enjoying the last months of having one child and still trying to get all of the normal day to day done. 
Whew. I’m tired just reading that {and it’s the shortened version}. 
I know I’m extra behind on here! I have hopes to get a few posts completed over the next few days, as sleep seems to be elusive lately and we don’t have “too much” planned. HA.
For tonight… I’d love to share {in photos mostly} what we’ve been up to over the last couple weeks.
We got the backyard started.
 And partially completed… Yay for GRASS!!!
now who wants to come put in a pool??

Some decor was added to the playroom
yep he was very very helpful in decorating!

I finally picked out the color scheme for Lucas’ room!

This is the most amazing {and addicting} popcorn ever! 
Yes that says frosted sugar cookie… hello pregnancy sweet tooth.
Cash is keeping us on our toes with all of his shenanigans & mischief. 
Did I mention he is talking like crazy. And repeating! 

Essential Oils are pretty much the best thing ever that we have added into our life
We may be getting started on the Easter Celebrating and March isn’t even over… Oops!

This is pretty much my motto for this week!
Every day is a new one… make the best of it & look on the bright side!
Look out!! This Fridays BumpDate will be full of details from injuries to crazy dreams & lots & lots & lots of hormones. 
See you soon!

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