Month 4 // Lucas

He officially hit 4 months this past Sunday! 1/4 of a year! WOW WOW WOW

Of course Sunday also happened to be my birthday and I knew we had his 4 month check up today so it just seemed best to wait for all the stats 🙂



Weight: 17lbs 7oz (90th%ile) {Cash was 18lbs 3oz at this age}
Height: 25in (53rd%ile) {strange as Cash was 26.5in & they said that was 93rd%ile maybe kids are taller this year}
Head Circ: 41.9cm (40th%ile) {exact same size as his big brothers at that age}
Clothing: He is completely in 6 month clothing. Nice lil chunky rolls. Thankfully I’ve stayed away from clothes shopping as we have plenty of boy clothes in this house! I may have to shop a little for the holidays though cause they boys were born in opposite months… oh darn holiday sales.
Feeding: this kid loves his food! Well he loves the boob. Solids not so much… We’ll wait a few weeks and try again.

Sleeping: He’s in the pack n play at night and starting to try out his crib for naps. Each day gets a little better. I’m certainly not complaining as he is sleeping most nights from 8-4am then back to sleep from 5-9am. He actually slept through the night on July 27th for the first time 10:40pm-7:40am. (since then he has done it maybe 5 times and usually does better with the early bedtime schedule). He also naps 2-3 times a day still. Morning, afternoon and occasionally a late evening one while I’m fixing dinner (that’s

Milestones: This one is hitting all his milestones. Rolling everywhere! A regular rolly poly! He has also found his hands. It’s really fun to watch him pick up things and put them right in his mouth. Exploring more and more each day. He’s trying to sit up but not quite there yet. I figure another month and he’ll have it down. Got a very strong little grip and he loves to stand up when you hold his hands. He adores his daddy and their playtime giggles are the best sound in the world! He also looks up to big brother already. It’s amazing to see how much he watching Cash and how their relationship is slowly developing more each day.
Lucas:  We are so blessed to have another happy little soul in our family. We absolutely love watching you grow and learn all about the world. Life has gotten even more adventurous since you joined our family. Each day gets better and better! We feel so lucky to be your parents! Keep on making your little voice heard little man. We will always listen! Love, Mama  
Onto the rest of the week friends! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Back soon with more updates & lots of new recipes 🙂
Bye for Now

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