Toddlers are messy and unpredictable, especially when potty training…

You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, then you’ll want to wash your hands.

I still can’t believe it myself actually. 
Potty training is nuts. I’m telling you… Parents around the world unite. Dealing with a tiny humans bodily waste is no joke. Thank goodness moms are built tough. Cause ewww.
If you follow me on Instagram you saw we had our carpets cleaned yesterday. Well this lovely house chore was scheduled for October (preferably post potty training) but after Friday’s craziness we had no choice but to rush in a carpet cleaner ASAP Saturday afternoon. 
I’ll back track. Cash was gated in his room for naptime. Brad was working in his office. I was doing a bit of laundry, chatting with my grandma and attempting to get Lucas to nap. Once Lucas went to sleep I hurried to the store to grab a few essentials that we needed for dinner. Got back home heard Cash singing and playing. So I figured I’ll relax for a bit and hope he actually falls asleep. 
Just as I lay down,  I scan the monitor across Cashs room to check on him. I see him standing by his stuffed animal bucket holding his diaper in the air.  I think “Gosh I guess I better go get him a pull up and try to get him to relax in his bed”, not even able to finish that thought & I hear. “Ummm Jennnn!!!” Its a very concerned call so I walk across the house to hear Cash saying something. I hit the hallway and BAM….. poop smell. 
I think ok he must’ve pooped, took of his diaper and freaked so we’re gonna have a pile to clean up. OH NO. So bad.
Cash holding a new diaper standing in the hall next to a frozen Brad. They’re both just staring into his room. Yet the gate is still blocking his room off.
The room is chaos. Tiny poop footprints. Books everywhere. Stuffed animals everywhere. Cash has poop on his hand and on the bottom of one foot.
How? Why? Gross! 
Apparently my face showed all sorts of emotion cause Cash started to cry as soon as he saw me.
All 3 of us standing there… the conversation went a little like this
C: ‘Oh no Mommy my hands.’
M: ‘Oh no what happened’
B: ‘ he pooped and put it everywhere’
C: ‘it’s ok accidents happen’
B: laughing
M: ‘umm yes Cash they do but spreading your poop around isn’t an accident. Hurry, into the tub buddy.’ Oh my gosh oh no. Gross. 
B: “what do we do”
M: “I need a roll of paper towels and a trash bag.” 
Running water soaping him up. He’s crying. I’m consoling and attempting to explain going in the potty like a big boy.
C:’My foot’
all I can think is shit. This kid took the smelliest poop ever and then stepped in it. Then walked around his room. I realized he’s tracked it everywhere. In the attempt to get it off he smeared it on 12 different books. Various stuffed animals, the alphabet rug and even the bedsheets. 
I can’t even breathe. The stench is so bad.

Cash is all clean and sent to sit with Brad on the couch while I try to tackle the mess that is his room. I was never so grateful than to hear my husband say he scheduled a carpet cleaning for the very next afternoon. After sanitizing the bathroom. Getting every piece of bedding, stuffed animal and gross book out of his room this is how I left it for the night. 

Now, we are rethinking this potty training. Not in the lets wait rethink, more in the, time to get serious and really focus on making it happen NOW. Somehow I’m hoping that the trauma of this event will spark a fire in our toddler to actually use the potty (doubtful but hoping).  
Oh the joys of parenting! At least we can get a great laugh outta this one for years to come!!
Hope you’re weekend is less eventful than ours started out to be! 
Tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary. 
Please let this be all the “excitement” we have for a while! 
Bye for Now!

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