Papa built a sandbox

My dad is basically my own personal super hero.
For real he is always there when I need him. Even if it’s just a phone call. He is always honest with me, even when I don’t want to hear it. And he supports me 100% in whatever I want to do. {Can you tell I’m a daddy’s girl} But truly he is my very first best friend and I know beyond any doubt he’s never going anywhere! He also has this crazy range of talents! The man taught me cooking, cleaning, sports, how to study, hard work, how to shoot a gun, tend to the yard, build stuff, hang a shelf, shuck a clam, and bake the best chocolate chip cookies ever. {Along with about a thousand and one other things} I mean he & my awesome uncle built the stage we stood on for our wedding. He really can do it all. So when I saw a fancy DIY sandbox with built in benches which fold into a lid that the kids would absolutely love, I knew he was the guy to go to! 
I sent him the plans & Sure enough he said no problem. 
When my parents drove down for Christmas he threw in some tools so he could build it on site!
With everything else we had going that week, It only took him a day & a half to build it all. Another afternoon to stain it, once it was dry we cleared the rock, laid down a tarp and set it up full of sand.
Cash is really excited he has his very own box of sand to play in! Especially since we took away his giant dirt playground by building a pool. {what horrible parents we are lol}
Best Christmas Present Ever! 

I’m excited to get Lucas into it too. After he gets past the everything in the mouth stage of course! 
I see lots of dirty little boy fun in our future! 

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