5 years of Lucas

It feels a bit crazy to be writing this as I will swear just yesterday I was transferring the emotions to paper about Cash turning 5 and now here we are… my baby will be 5 this week. I’m not actually sure I’m ready for this but alas it’s going to happen. Whether we are ready for it or not. Lucas you are growing fast and goin places boy.

You are brave, feisty, fiery, kind, sweet, and hungry all the time. You have quick comebacks like daddy and hug big like mama. You are bright and smarter than you tend to let on. Your coordination rivals the big kids, you are quick to get up when you’re knocked down and the determination is so strong in your eyes. We are proud the teachers and friends compliment your manners or temperament in public. And even when you meltdown at home we love your snuggles as you realize it is safe to meltdown at home with us. Your imagination is wild and wonderful. You are the absolute best little brother and cap to our family. We see you kid.

This year is full of growth and finality for our family. As our baby hits this milestone in life it will bring a lot of change. A new dynamic to our routine. Along with a new maturity to our family as we navigate this next step of childhood.

You see it’s one thing when your first born turns 5 and then heads to Kindergarten but your baby whoah. Thats a pile of where the heck is the time going that you can’t even begin to be ready for as a Mama. It sort of puts you in a haze of awe, shock, sadness, joy and bewilderment as you let it all sink in. Kindergarten is good you guys. So good. They flourish and blossom and you get all kinds of free time. To plan, clean, sit in silence, and even become your ‘own’ person again. Yet the ache left behind, not towing those babes with you all day every day is rough. It can sneak up and smack you when you least expect it. As I write this I recognize I still have 4 weeks of Mondays & Fridays with him. Followed by an entire summer break. So I’m sure I’ll be here to tell you during that summer that we’re counting down the days til school. Yet I know that come mid-August when the routine sinks in and the days are quieter again it will hit me. Hard.

For now I’ll soak it in right. The Mondays and Fridays we have together. Going to parks splash pads and lunch dates, play doh and movies at home, and just grocery shopping with my not-so-little-anymore sidekick. Because they’re only this age for today. You gotta live it up friends!!!

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