Heartbeat Mixed with a little Stress

Today we finally had another doctor’s appointment!!! So exciting… I could hardly sleep last night I couldn’t wait to see Baby Jenkins again and just be assured that everything is going as is should. I keep having crazy dreams and hormonal worries, which is totally normal right…

So this morning we were up early and ready to go. At the doctor’s in plenty of time and after almost 20 minutes of waiting they take us back, go through the normal routine… pee in a cup, weight (I’ve only gained 3 lbs), blood pressure and then the nurse said the doctor would be right in. Well about 20 more minutes pass and she comes in, to my disappointment this lady shakes my hand and totally doesn’t remember me (I was in there to see her 3 times last year) and she is nice enough but stays standing our entire appointment. She goes well lets hear the heartbeat, so I lay back and she puts the doppler on my lower abdomen as she’s saying “sometimes it’s hard to hear…” instantly we hear the little thump, thump, thump… it was so fast. Brad was like is he running a marathon? Lol. After that she said well, did you do any of the testing and I told her we were interested in the Quad Marker Test (just blood draw and extra ultrasound) but other than that we didn’t think extra testing was needed. She agreed and then had the look like we’re done here. She said we needed to schedule and ultrasound and we could come back in a month. I asked a few more questions but I felt as though my internet research has given me better answers. What the heck?? (Our total doctor time was maybe 10 minutes) Basically we were unimpressed! For the second time. On the drive home we decided we just needed to hurry and make the switch, it’s no fun being first time parents and feeling like you’re wasting your time at the doctor’s office. This is supposed to be a wonderful experience and we certainly don’t feel comfortable at this place, this afternoon I called and  made an appointment with my friend Amanda’s doctor (who she gives rave reviews about). I couldn’t be more excited after talking with Amanda today… I know this will be a much better fit. And hey it’s even closer to home! On that note… RANT OVER
I am so happy we are making the switch and am looking forward to 2 weeks from now when we get another ultrasound. Who knows maybe we will luck out and find out the sex 🙂

At 14 weeks Baby Jenkins is the size of  Lemon! And his/her little face can now make expressions. I’m feeling much better, getting my energy back, yet I still love afternoon naps if I can fit them in. I’ve been able to work out a few times which certainly makes me feel great. And as of today no news on the house. Please keep your fingers crossed that we hear soon… I think I’m starting to get anxious and can’t wait to get started nesting/organizing. 
I have managed to not write down any official lists, yet… I’m sure that will happen soon enough… haha!
Over the next month we have lots to keep us busy. Brad has to travel some more for work, I am finishing up this season of coaching, I will be traveling to Illinois to witness my wonderful friend Erin marrying the love of her life and we have a new doctor to meet! June will certainly be exciting. 

In 2 weeks I will definitely post again with a few new pictures… until then I hope everyone is enjoying life as much as we are!!

One thought on “Heartbeat Mixed with a little Stress

  1. So happy you two heard baby Jenkins' heart beat – what a special day. Also glad you are making the choice to find a doctor & staff that care about you & understands the need to be “present” when they are with you!

    Can't wait to see you in July – you could post a couple pics in the mean time 🙂 I'm betting there may be a lil bit of a baby bump starting to show???

    Love you a bunch, Mom


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