New House! Moving is Hard Work

We are finally moved in to our very first house!
This might have been the most exciting week ever. It was fairly painless and mostly just plain fun. I’m so very happy we now have more space and can really begin to prepare for baby J. (Yay for Nesting)

Home Sweet Home

New Living Room Furniture. Woo Hoo Couches!
Our Bedroom… Can’t wait to decorate! 

View from the top of the stairs.

Tuckered… I knew moving was hard work 🙂
So this place is huge compared to our apartment. Brad keeps joking he wants to move back cause it’s too big & scary… and the walk to his office is too far… haha. Me on the other hand, might be in Heaven. It’s so nice to not be stuck in one main room. I may change my mind about this over the next two weeks when I’m all alone as Brad will be traveling for work, but I doubt it. 

Now I just need a blank checkbook to a magical endless bank account so that we can set up everything how we would like it to be. But, since we don’t live in dreamland I will just be patient and we can get rugs/pictures/tables/chairs/dressers/and all of the other things in due time.

More Pictures to come when we get his office set up and the upstairs begins to come together.

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