Let the 3rd Trimester Begin … 28 Weeks!

The belly has popped out! There is no denying it. It’s become so evident that I now have strangers ask questions almost daily.
The best and most recent story…. was a lovely elderly Asian lady at the nail salon on Monday who out of the blue said you’re having a boy right. I responded why yes I am. She said I’ve seen many ladies pregnant lately unlike last year. I agreed that I’ve seen a lot too. She then told me that it’s a good year for babies, something about the Chinese calendar and being lucky, and then smiling she raised her hands and said something in what I think was Chinese but I couldn’t understand. And she wandered into the back room. I couldn’t help but smile. I’ll take it as a great sign for baby J!!

This week we have a big thing happening! I have been trying to stay nonchalant about it for a few weeks now but it’s actually, truly, really going to happen.
We get the keys to our house!!!! 
Let me tell you I’m so very excited! I can’t wait to start the moving process. Well, not the moving, really just the organizing/nesting/decorating of the new house that will actually be ours to own! And I cannot wait to start on Baby J’s room! I’m still not 100% on how we’re painting it but that’s ok… it will come to me soon. And then I need to recruit someone to help paint… Any takers?

Also this week I had another appointment where I fasted and drank some super sweet (fairly gross, but mostly super sugary koolaid tasting) red juice and take a blood test so they can check my glucose. I’m sure it will be fine. It was another great appointment, as this means we are one step closer.
On the other hand, there is no rush… We still have so much to do before our lil’ man arrives, some day’s it’s overwhelming. Good thing I’ve made lists 🙂

Now for the fun part:
No chalkboard this week… I just didn’t have time to be crafty. So how about 2 photos instead…

How far along? 28 Weeks. We’re in the Home Stretch!!!

Total weight gain: 24lbs +/-  OMG I think our scale is broken! Except I found out it was really official when at the doctor on Thursday. At this point I now weigh exactly the same as I did when I was at my heaviest point freshman year in college, I remember when I saw that number on the scale and I decided it was time to make a change. Now it’s just messing with my head a little, until I remind myself that this time is different… this is for a future lil miracle.
Maternity clothes? mostly my regular tank tops with a few maternity items mixed in. The stretch waist band is my new best friend. 

Stretch marks? none yet. Still applying lotion morning & night nearly religiously… fingers crossed that works. The P.A. on Thursday even commented on my beautifully round and stretch mark free belly. Made me feel good. Hopefully it will stay that way!
Sleep: oh boy. it’s already getting worse. Poor Brad he’s such a light sleeper I can tell he’s affected. So last Sunday night we switched sides of the bed so I don’t face him when laying on my left side. Result = it was a better night for both of us!
Best moment this week: It’s a tie…. Finding out we get the keys to our house on Friday/ Officially rolling into the third trimester.

Miss Anything? Feeling comfortable when just sitting. It’s getting a little tough to sit and invoice receipts for Brad but I just take lots of breaks.

Movement: all the time, he’s a little monkey, especially at night & right after I eat, which I hear both are common
Food cravings: Well… Monday night I texted Brad to bring me home In & Out FF’s Animal Style, I’m loving Gyros Pitas, Sunday we had pizza & wings, and we just discovered chip less cookie dough yogurt at the frozen yogurt place… All of This is the reason for my recent weight gain. I know it!! On top of that I love veggies dipped in artichoke dip and this new recipe I’ve found for banana oatmeal breakfast cookies. Huh…Time to hit the treadmill a little bit.
Anything making you queasy or sick: This is sort of funny to me as I once was a personal trainer full time… Bad body odor makes me physically gag. A few people have come into the restaurant and I’ve had a very hard time serving them.
Gender: Boy! I’m already realizing he’s gonna be a lot like his daddy.
Labor Signs: No. Thank goodness. Let’s keep those away for another 2 months please!

Symptoms: Some recent heartburn… but it may be self-induced cause lets be honest look at the crazy foods I’m eating.
Belly Button in or out? trying so hard to be out. I’d say it’s currently flat.
Wedding rings on or off? on during the day but off at night.
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy.. although the random mood swings are beginning to happen again.
Looking forward to: The House!! Not the moving part but definitely the setting up and getting out of this (what has become) tiny apartment. Oh and this Saturday is a get together dinner with a bunch of the girls from high school, very excited to see them all!

One thought on “Let the 3rd Trimester Begin … 28 Weeks!

  1. Oh my goodness its all so exciting! I am so happy for all the great things happening!

    Please note I will take partail responsibility for the wight gain in college, only partial though! =).

    Hopefully get to see you soon. I miss you like crazy and can't wait to see that cute little boy! Excited!


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