A few Maternity Photos

While my mom was here for the weekend we did squeeze in a mini-photo shoot. Which was lots of fun for her & I.
I’m still hoping I can convince Brad to let his mom take a few photos of the two of us right around Thanksgiving (when I’m pretty much ready to pop).
I love the idea of having some pictures up in Cash’s room and around the house.
Mom did a great job and I did some amateur photo editing but I would say it turned out great!
Here are a few of the best ones!

The lone picture of the two of us that she successfully took!
thank you pinterest 🙂

this is definitely a favorite, I’m thinking of getting it printed for his  room.

Just cause we can!

Nothing but Love for my lil’ man!

2 thoughts on “A few Maternity Photos

  1. So very proud of you & all you have accomplished. The room looks great, you are beautiful & are doing all the right things to maintain good health for you & Lil Cash : ) So happy I get to call him by name – I can't wait to be back to AZ for the main event!!


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