More painting and nursery prep…

A little behind again with posting. But hey, it happens & now there’s lots to catch up on.
It’s definitely coming together! The house and the nursery! Woo Hoo!
This last week and a half has been busy busy. Not only did I put together the changing table and Brad painted the red stripe to finish off the nursery painting, but we’ve been getting the entire house more organized for my Mom’s weekend here. Then of course once she arrived (which I still can’t thank her enough for everything that she did while here), we got so much done on the little guys room.
Her and I had quite a good time building the crib and toy storage, organizing and sorting baby clothes and then of course shopping, lots of shopping!
I figure the best way to show all of this is pictures! 🙂

Mommy taped the border.

Daddy painted.

Painting complete!
Then we really got things moving along. It’s almost finished!! Still washing sheets & clothes & things. But here are a couple of the “almost complete phase”

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