Painting Lil’ Man’s Room

I have some pretty great friends…
We’re so lucky that 2 of them were willing to spend their Sunday painting our lil’ guy’s room! Colleen & Cortney did such a great job! You would never know this was their first time completing a room, I’d say now they’re pros’ 🙂

Here’s a couple pictures… We still have one more paint step, the red stripe, but that will get done later this week.

taping complete… this was all I helped with

Cortney spent the day on the ladder…

& Colleen apparently did most of the rolling…

Phase 1 Complete!! It looks so great!

Now the fun for me begins … DECORATING!
I am so excited to shop for all of the amazing accessories. And I can’t wait to see it all come together! Of course more pictures to follow. As it all comes together.

Brad and I will put the crib & changing table together sometime soon (hopefully before mom comes in 10 days). And then it’s really just the fun little things. Oh the one other big purchase we haven’t made is ordering the glider. I’m almost set on the one I want. It’s just deciding on if we really need it? Although, I keep reading that they’re a must.

I also began some Halloween decorating today! Which is very exciting because this is the first time I can really decorate for each holiday… the hardest part is I have to start small. I have so many ideas but I know in years to come I can add more & more.

Last on the excitement for today, my dad called to let me know he has officially scheduled his hip replacement surgery! So excited for him to be pain free. One small hitch, it will be Nov. 28th but the silver lining is that my parents are now planning to come here for Thanksgiving!! Now we just need baby J to make his arrival a little early (which I’ve been hoping for all along) that way they can be here when he’s born. So listen up lil’ man I’m talking to you, the weekend of Thanksgiving would work well for everyone. 🙂 And then of course my parents will drive back down in December and be here for Christmas. It is going to be so great to have our families all together for the holidays!! What an awesome Bonus!

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