Week 36. Closed Really?

Well… went to the doctor this week as I am officially seeing her once a week now (it’s getting so close to him arriving!!). I was so excited to go, full of questions and ready for my cervix check, I almost had trouble sleeping but we shall credit that to my numb hands that now wake me up at night as much as having to pee does. So I arrive this morning and am chatting with our Dr. as she’s checking everything (meanwhile I’m thinking I will hear great news) then BAM, it’s closed. What? I couldn’t help being disappointed. I mean I know it can happen quickly and who knows there could be a change next week. But seriously…. nothing. Not even 1 cm. Oh well, must mean Cash is quite content and happy in there. So I’ll let him bake for a couple more weeks before I really get antsy 🙂 Besides, upon leaving the doctors office (on my drive to meet with Brad’s mom) Cash and I had a little chat and we came to an agreement… he can hangout for another 2 weeks no problem as I understand he’s comfy. After that he gets his notice to vacate cause I’m pretty sure this mama will be ready! He kicked around so I’m sure he agrees with me. Note to everyone: I am only half serious. My mother laughed at me when I told her about this. She says if it actually happens he’ll be the only boy ever to listen to his mom. And Wendy (Brad’s mom) informed me that the Jenkins’ boy’s are quite stubborn and don’t like to come out. Hmmm… we shall see. No matter what happens, I just want him to be safe and healthy.

This week has brought on a few more symptoms, besides the ever-present and only getting worse hand numbness/pain, I am starting to experience some menstrual-like cramping. When I asked to Dr. she said not to worry this is just my body getting ready. Which is exactly what I read on Sunday/Monday night when it was very strong. So I wont worry cause this can only mean progress. And truthfully I feel like I’m pretty darn lucky to have had what seems to be an easy pregnancy. I know I’m blessed. Throughout these last 8 months I’ve read lots of horror stories and it only reminds me that I’m healthy and so is our lil’ Cash.
I also find myself wanting to sleep more. I can take an hour nap (or longer) no problem and still be ready for bed at 9pm. It’s probably good to get it now while I can right. Once baby boy is here sleep will be a distant memory right. 🙂

This week also seems to be dragging a little. I’m sure it’s mainly because Brad is out of town so I’m pretty bored in the house all alone. One can only put together so many baby things and organize so much before you just want someone else here, if nothing more than to sit next to you and watch t.v. Basically I just miss him. Only a couple more days to get through and then he will hopefully be home until our lil’ man arrives and through the holidays.

For now that is all I have. Being that it’s just me I have no one to take the chalkboard photo so here’s the best I can do!

2 thoughts on “Week 36. Closed Really?

  1. Oh, you look so cute. Love that you are doing this blog so we all can keep up on your pregnancy. Sounds like braxton hicks labor getting you ready for baby to come! Just pamper yourself while you can and take it easy things won't be the same soon!!! So very excited for you all!


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