37 Weeks

Finally. I know I’m a little behind… This week was fairly rough on me. I came down with a head cold on Monday and managed to spend most of Tuesday and Wednesday in bed. I thought it was bad just being at the end of pregnancy but you add being sick to it and it’s a whole new kind of miserable. To add to it when our doctor checked my cervix again on Thursday morning, it was still closed. Boo. 
But now that I’m through it… I’m almost over my pity party. Other than being still a little congested I am feeling almost normal again. Plus, I realize that it could all be much worse.

How far along? 37 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Officially we have hit the 35 lb mark. Pretty sure I’m ok with this only because I know it’s for him
Maternity clothes? Every day! They are just becoming comfy now 🙂
Stretch marks? Still none! Woo Hoo…. Hopefully we can make it to the end.
Sleep: for the most part it’s good. still waking up frequently and I’m starting to feel bad for Brad. 
Best moment this week: eh. it was honestly a pretty crappy week. being sick made it so much worse. but the best moment would have to be seeing Breaking Dawn part 2, totally worth the discomfort of the theatre.
Miss Anything? at this point, being able to breathe through my nose and just sitting upright.
Movement: always 🙂 he loves to poke a limb out and hold it there. I can’t wait to see him stretch in person.
Food cravings: not much mostly soup and orange juice this week. Joys of head colds!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  i wouldn’t say that one thing is, just congested from this cold.
Have you started to show yet: beyond that haha… it’s always fun when someone else sees him move.
Gender prediction: he better still be a boy 🙂
Labor Signs: i think so!! pretty sure it’s just braxton hicks. My stomach will tighten every so often. And I’m feeling lots of cramping lately. 
Belly Button in or out? more and more out every day. 
Wedding rings on or off? off. and yes I’m still very sad about this
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and sleepy are my two most common moods this week.
Weekly Wisdom: Rest, Rest, Rest and Relax as much as possible. I am so loving daily naps right now! I figure if that’s what my body wants then I’m making it happen. I know it’s gearing up for babies arrival.
Looking forward to: His arrival!! I can’t wait… even though Brad keeps saying “why are you in such a hurry, it’s gonna be even harder when he’s here” And yes I know he’s right, but he’s not the one carrying him around right now haha.

The actual weekend wasn’t too bad. I worked every night, but so many people were generous with tips (poor pregnant girl still working) that it was worth it. We had a lazy Saturday morning which was really nice for us both. And Sunday I went to watch the kids I used to (and will again) coach play in the semi-finals and finals of the tournament. They played so hard… finished in 2nd, which was a bummer. But I’m so proud of them and I can’t wait for Spring so we can work hard and take 1st place then! After work that night Brad took me to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. We had fun and of course when we got home we came to the realization that this was probably the last time we would be able to do a spontanious late night movie night. Life really will be changing very soon! 
We are ready for you Cash… please feel free to arrive anytime this next week 🙂

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