Welcome December!! Start of Week 40

Wow! I can’t believe it… Yesterday was my official due date. 
I honestly really didn’t think I would make it this far.
But it seems our lil’ man is quite comfortable and not ready to join the world.
Here’s to hoping he will be very soon… cause this mama is getting antsy. 
Shoot even Brad is past ready, I think he’s said to me every night this last week 
“so when are you gonna pop this kid out”
HaHa! Funny Guy, if I could tell you that he would already be here! Trust me!
Funny thing… Saturday morning, Brad and I woke up at 6:30 (both wide awake and smiling) for the first time (possibly ever in our relationship), it was a little crazy, I can’t help but wonder if Cash will have us up this early all the time. 🙂 After an early breakfast, Brad was off to the gym to hoop and I took a nice 45 minute walk. Then is was a day full of college football, while I baked. Because he’s spoiled yet again I made his “healthy brownies” and then tried out a new recipe from pinterest that uses candy corns to make homemade butterfingers. which turned out delicious and we don’t really need them but oh well. That night we met his parents for dinner.

So here we have a recent picture…

We went to the Capital Grille.
Other than the crazy downtown Phoenix traffic (due to the light parade) it was really nice.
Yesterday was pretty much your typical Sunday for us… Some lazyness mixed with lots of Football. I also did some more baking and cleaning. At this rate our freezer may fill up before Cash arrives, I’ve baked banana bread, pumpkin bread & muffins, and enchiladas. I just keep looking up more recipes… I guess it’s part of the nesting? But I think it’s really just keeping me from going crazy! I also went to regenerative yoga last night (first time I’ve done any yoga in probably 2 years). It was nice, not too hard and the instructor did a great job checking on everyone (even this pregnant mama) to make sure we were ok in each position. Mostly it was a lot of stretching but I know it was good for me and at this point anything to relax and push my body closer to labor I’m game for. 
Overall we had a great weekend… even if the waiting is killing us 🙂
Today I’m off to get yet another pedicure… and do a little grocery shopping. 
Possibly even some more baking 🙂 Might as well get a head start on those holiday cookies! 
Good thing Wendy & Steve’s freezer isn’t that far away!
Well, if I make it to Wednesday’s doctors appt there will definitely be another chalkboard photo!

Happy Monday everyone! 

One thought on “Welcome December!! Start of Week 40

  1. Sweetie I am sending you a great big hug!You look kinda tired…lol…tired of waitting,tired of being uncomfortable,tired of being tired!All in due time my dear,all in due timeXO


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