Farewell 2012… Welcome 2013

As we say goodbye to year Two Thousand and Twelve…
I wanted to do a little recap on the year.
It was certainly the most exciting and memorable of our lives thus far.
I can only imagine what this next year will bring.

So here it goes… Highlights of my 2012

My best friend had her son Jace in January, I went to visit the family in Washington, and lucky me got stuck in a winter storm only to get the pleasure of hanging out with the Antrim family for a week and play in the snow with lil Miss Hailey.

Uncle Jim came to visit in March

So did my parents

We discovered I was pregnant in April!

Mom & I went to Texas for a girls weekend

And I coached one last season before I took time off for the summer and winter.

In May, Brad & I celebrated 3 years together.
And we got engaged on Mothers Day!

In June, one of my best friends from college got married in Illinois.

we surprised our parents for Fathers Day

and my amazing cousin graduated MMI (but this meant she left Arizona sadly)

July- Halfway through pregnancy, we went to Seattle for our annual trip.

I stayed for the first part of August and was thrown a WA baby shower.
Also in August I got a year older!
Then in Sept we bought our first house!
October – Mom came to visit and I was thrown an AZ baby shower

Jasmin & Hailey came to visit me in November!

 We celebrated Thanksgiving and anxiously awaited baby boys arrival.

December brought us our biggest blessing ever!

What a wonderful year it was!
Here is to an even better one this year… not sure it can top 2012 but we can certainly try!
So here’s a toast to whatever 2013 may bring us all! 
Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Farewell 2012… Welcome 2013

  1. You do this blog thing very well Jen,as I have said before I always look forward to your updates.I especially like the picture of you and Brad looking down on Baby Cash,so sweet.Hope to see ya next week when you are “home”…Happy New YearXO


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