Woah 3 Months!

Dear time,

Please, slow down! Thank you.

Love, this new mama.

Ha. if only that would really work.
Can’t believe our little big guy is already 3 months. (I’ll probably say that every single month though)
We are loving each day with him.
It is so true when they say it just keeps getting better.
 Little man has completed our lives and we couldn’t imagine life any other way.

This months stats…
Weight: 16lbs 12oz (as of 2/28 when we went to the pediatrician for his little rash)  
Height: not sure… he will be measured again next month. But I’m positive he’s taller by the way his clothes fit.
Head Circ: again we wont know for sure until next month on this one.
Clothing: Out of most of his 3 months clothes they just aren’t long enough. Now we are tapping into the 3-6 month range. Good thing he’s stocked up (thank you friends & family). But I have seen some of the cutest spring outfits so I will somehow be fitting a few into the budget this month! After all he must be appropriately outfitted for St. Patricks & Easter!
Feeding: Still not missing meals haha. He is consistently eating 5 oz every 3 hours, except at night. He tends to cluster feed in the hours before bed.
Sleeping: Great. He is fairly constant sleeping 7-9 hours straight at night. He always takes a morning nap and by 1:30 is down for an afternoon one. Every once in awhile we will get another around 5 or 6. It varies day by day though. The more I read about sleep the more I am realizing that we need to be better about a constant routine for him. Problem is my work schedule is never the same which means our schedule in general is always changing.
Milestones: We have seen a rollover from his tummy to his back (not regularly but it has happened). Also he can sit up for a minute or so without help, even longer propped up on pillows. It is quite funny to watch him slowly fall mostly because the look on his face is so confused right before one of us catches him. Daddy & him have regular conversation it’s so cute to watch them talk back & forth. His face lights up with recognition & smiles when he sees both mommy & daddy. He also love love loves to play on his activity mat & kick the piano. Little man is developing strength very quickly! Any dangly toys keep him intrigued for small periods of time. He loves to stare at that baby in the mirror, suck on his hand or thumb or blanket, and most things that you give him already go to his mouth. We have a smart lil one.
Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without an mini photo shoot of Cash!
We think he’s the cutest kid on the block! (can you say baby modeling? eh it’s a thought)
So, here’s A little something to send you smiling for the day… Enjoy the cuteness overload!

umm Mom why do you have a camera?

Look I’ve found my tongue!

This is a pretty sweet bib. You must be trying to catch my drool.

theres that tongue again

Ha I’ve got it.

we’re still doing this?

ok fine I’ll smile


you’re so funny mom!
And with that… hope you all are having a wonderful day!

3 thoughts on “Woah 3 Months!

  1. Cutest Baby Boy ever!! GMa says so 🙂 cant wait to hold him & see those giggles in person at the end of the month! Oh yes – looking forward to seeing you & Brad too… Love Mom/Gma


  2. Thanks Jen for another blog post…and so soon after the other:)You got a real cutie on your hands there,probably gonna have to lock him up to keep the ladies away eventually.Hope to see your Mom before you do or else she is gonna have Gramma hair(Silver)XO


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