Growing Baby, Shrinking Belly

Hello All!
Of course every new mom out there wants nothing more than her body back. Don’t get me wrong I love my little bundle of joy to bits & pieces. But lets be real a muffin top is never cute. And I like others out there would love to fit back into my skinny jeans without the extra fluff that has ever so kindly placed itself on my hips & waist. 
Good new is… Only 4 more pounds and I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight!
Maybe next post I’ll be ready for the full body shot 🙂

Probably the single best thing about breastfeeding is how quick my body seems to be coming back without really doing much of anything. And now that it’s officially been a year since our lil man was conceived I give myself permission to workout like a crazy person. After all only …

Now it’s time for this mama to tone everything back up. Truthfully I haven’t lifted weights in quite some time (unless we’re counting my 17lb child which I tote around daily). But I do really miss the gym.

Even though I once so long ago was a personal trainer… I’ve snagged a few workouts off of pinterest to jump start my inspiration (and reduce how much I really have to think about this cause I’m pretty sure my plate of life is overfull lol). Here is one of of them that I’ve started.

It’s super simple, keeps me pushing myself & I can make sure to get in a little something daily. Along with the walks I take with mr. man, which are happening 3-4 times a week.

Night & Day we are making it happen!
Next up… I will be starting to run again. 
While coaching I have come close more than once to a pulled muscle with just the little bits of jogging & few short sprints, which of course results in a very slow moving Sunday. 
So… Fingers crossed I don’t die, pass out, or just hurt myself HA 
but in all seriousness I’ll take all of the good wishes I can get on this one. 
So no matter what you have going on. Just fit in a little something each day. 
Trust me when you feel better about yourself your whole life is better!
Happy Tuesday!

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