Welcome Spring

It is official… Spring has Sprung!
Of course in Phoenix it was overcast today (isn’t it ironic)
But hey, we need those days I’m sure.
Today we got quite a few things accomplished. 
It was my day off so after a little bit of sleeping in. I was off to the races. 
I am feeling the need to clean & organize lately, 
Brad jokingly asked if I was pregnant… Let’s put all minds at ease I’m NOT!
I think it’s just spring cleaning fever. 
So I managed to rummage through our closet, toss a bunch of clothes into a give away pile, I also moved all of my preggo clothes into a box for a much later date. Next up was laundry & all of the usual house cleaning, it’s still my hope that the bathrooms will somehow magically clean themselves (I hate cleaning bathrooms, but honestly who enjoys it?) 
And Brad helped me hang up my chalkboard!!

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that it’s up!
Oops I didn’t get the chance to write anything fancy before I snapped the photo… 
Like I said it was a busy day 🙂
We put together Cash’s highchair. He definitely doesn’t need it yet but staring at the box was really boring. Now we have this cute chair ready to go for when the time comes!
As you know we are new home owners and are still very much in the process of making our house a home. Summer is quickly approaching which brings the heat and up, up, up goes our electric bill. In an attempt to not throw $$$ out the window we are looking into window covering options. So this afternoon a very nice lady came to the house from a company called Budget Blinds. We looked at window tint, blinds, & cloth coverings. In the end we opted for some solar screens in the highest windows and vertical blinds for the sliding glass door. All of these windows have nothing on them yet so heres to hoping this will help keep the heat out & if course the sunshine glare off of the T.V. hahaha!
Tomorrow once again will be an eventful day, Cash and I have lots of errands to run.

And I’m starting to plan our Easter menu… 
It looks like we will have a houseful this year (hopefully they wont mind eating at a card table & sitting on folding chairs) still it’s so exciting that I get to cook a big family Easter dinner!
Complete with goodies & decorations!
In other news

In less than a week my parents will be here to visit! 

We have lots to do before for their arrival…
(more) Cleaning
 and of course working.

But, Before I hit the sheets for the night.
Some Cash News!!

Today he slept in his crib
After I put him down he stayed asleep for 20 minutes then awoke & fussed, but promptly soothed himself back to sleep for another 60 minutes. I call that Progress! Woo Hoo!
I doubt he will be up there overnight by the time my parents get here, but naps are certainly something.
He’s still so very happy! And getting more talkative by the day (fluent in baby talk).

With that Cash say Bye Everyone!!

XO Jen

2 thoughts on “Welcome Spring

  1. Busy times and I hope you get those bathrooms cleaned before i get there 🙂 although I am all for you trying to get Cash to sleep in his crib at night by the time we get there… good luck with that!! LOL


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