The Northwest Grandparents visit & 1st Pool Time

My parents came to visit this last weekend. They scheduled a weekend getaway to escape rainy Seattle, enjoy the heat in Phoenix and visit their grandson. Of course it was sunny up there the entire weekend. Oh well I’m sure they enjoyed it more here anyway (it was definitely warmer). We took advantage after dinner Thursday night and left Cash with the grandparents so we could enjoy a yogurt & movie date. It was nice to spend time just the two of us even if only for a few hours. Of course I was a little anxious at the end of the night to get home to the munchkin and see if he went to sleep alright. 

Sidenote we have… Big News 
he is now sleeping in his crib at night and for most naps!! Woo Hoo!!! I’ve started moving most of his clothes & things upstairs so he will be completely out of our room in no time at all.

So while my parents were here we mostly relaxed and enjoyed each others company.
On Thursday after Mom & I did a little bit of shopping (mostly for Cash of course). We headed out to the pool. Cash’s first time was pretty entertaining. He can’t quite make up his mind how he feels about it. I think it was very overwhelming for him with all of the noise and how bright it was. Smart me forgot to grab his sunglasses (probably because they were stashed away for his Easter basket), so next time we venture out there I will be sure not to forget them. But, he was coated in sunscreen and had on a hat so I’d say he was protected.

 All ready for the pool with Grandma & Grandpa!

 So what exactly is this guys??
Not sure how I feel about this mom
Grandpa & I needed a nap after all that fun
We probably had more fun than him. But that’s ok! Next time he will do even better!
Little Man is starting to figure out his hands and what exactly they do.
Here is some play time with Grandpa

And fun with Grandma too
 This one is probably my favorite of the two of them! 

This definitely shows how intrigued he is by his hands lately! I Love watching him learn!

Mom & Dad escaped to Mesa for Friday/Saturday for the Renaissance Faire. 
Of course during this time I was an Easter prepping wizard! (that post will follow this one)
All in All is was a wonderful weekend. And It was great to have them here for a visit. And I am definitely looking forward to mine & Cash’s weekend trip to Washington at the end of this month. We have some major wedding planning to do. And lots of family to visit with.

One thought on “The Northwest Grandparents visit & 1st Pool Time

  1. Not going to lie, I am kinda jealous. Such a awesome time for your family right now. You all deserve it that is for sure and I know our time will come. Love you all!


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