Happy Easter! … a couple days late

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter! I’m only a few days late…
First things First… My Chalkboard is a HIT! I may be the only person overly excited by this (but Brad’s uncle Jack loved that we have a chalkboard in the kitchen so +1point for me!)
Our Easter Table Centerpiece…

We had a wonderfully fun, family-filled, and of course glutenous holiday this past weekend! The only thing missing was Brad’s parents. But it was neat to cook Easter dinner all on my own (thank goodness mom knew what to do with the ham though haha). Boy did we have a feast…

Here was our menu:

Hors d’oeuvres
Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms
Deviled Eggs (regular & ones with salad shrimps added to the filling)
Main Course
Dungeness Crab Cocktails
Fruit Salad
Dinner Rolls
Twice Baked Potatoes
Berried Delight
Homemade Peeps
An an abundance of Easter candy of all kinds
Cash was helping me cook in the morning

Festive Deviled Eggs 
The whole spread
I attempted to make the rolls look like bunnies… but that didn’t really work out. 
Maybe I’ll try again next year.

And of course the Crab… Yum! Much thanks to Mom & Dad for bringing a taste of Seattle to Phoenix!

Needless to say if someone went hungry… It was their own fault (which I know for a fact didn’t happen). Of course it was a glorious sunny day in Phoenix (we’re full of those lately)! And we just had a great time hanging out with the family. Along with my parents, we had Brad’s Uncle Jack, Aunt Susan, and his brother Keith. Cash was a hit moving along in his walker and playing with all his toys. He certainly is a little ham and still the happiest baby ever!

Just playing with my toys.
All the fun tuckered him out (this was midway through dinner)

But after his little power nap he was back for more fun. Of course his Easter basket was overflowing. The bunny decided not to show until late afternoon but Cash didn’t seem to mind at all.
He is loving the stuffed bunnies and the new books other than that I don’t think he noticed haha.
I can’t wait until next year when he really starts getting into each holiday 
(wait yes I can he’s already growing way too fast!!)

We Grandma B had a little too much fun creating the adult basket 🙂

Our little family
A few of the Blooper photos haha

Silly Daddy!
Enjoying the Easter Candy
I love this one of Brad & Cash
And after a very long day…
Cuddles with Grandpa before bedtime. 

Coming Soon… Baby Cash is 4 months old!

Until then Welcome April!
Have a good week Friends!
xo Jen

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter! … a couple days late

  1. Your Easter sounded Amazing! This weekend phone date! YES?!?!?!

    Lindy tried to make the “Bunny” rolls to and we all decided they turned out looking like Pigs…LOL! Can't wait to talk to you soon! Miss you girl! ❤ Sarah


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