Blue Mason Jars- Our Rustic Wedding plans

Yeah Yeah Yeah (insert me dancing & shaking my booty) 
I’m a happy girl because I have found some blue mason jars 
(thank goodness I don’t have to tint them myself). 
I follow a few lot of other blogs and back a couple weeks ago while browsing everyones latest posts, the girl from House & Hone  posted about blue mason jars being back. I was like say what????
So of course I was quick to follow the link and then email it directly to my mama along with my wedding table/floral arrangement thoughts.

Some of my inspiration…

Our wedding theme is still very much in my head in the works…
but at this point I’m sure it will be a gorgeous mix-mosh (yes I just made up that phrase) of classy, rustic, crafty, fun, glam, and one hell of a party! Basically we are all over the map in all the best ways.
I am definitely not taking any of these themes to the extreme. Instead I see little tidbits being taken from each one and all the best parts being used (I would say that fits our personality/couple style).

Lucky me. My mom is starting to see my vision and she hoped on the blue mason jar bandwagon!
I’m sure it helped that I scored a 20% of coupon by signing up for The Fresh Preserving Store
and we definitely don’t need rush delivery at this point.
So when my parents recently came to visit, we placed an order
& with that one more thing is checked off the endless wedding list.
-Thanks Mom!

Let the Wedding Madness Planning Continue…

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