Ca$H is 4 months Old!!!

Another month has come and gone….
Little Man is looking older every day I swear it!
It’s so much fun to see the changes and watch him learn new things. I feel like I’m seeing everything differently when I look at life through his eyes… I LOVE it!

At his 4 month checkup on Monday we saw a different doctor… I honestly think I like this guy even better (if that’s possible). Dr. Mitra was so informative and easy to talk to and I loved how much he interacted with Cash. Don’t get me wrong our other doc is great too, it’s really nice to know we have multiple options in one office. Poor kid got 4 shots, luckily it was nothing new so I knew he most likely wouldn’t have any reactions. He was just a little more tired than normal which is expected.

This months stats…
Weight: 18 pounds 3 ounces this puts him in the 96th%ile, Still a big boy!
Height: 26.5 (94th%ile)
Head Circ: 16.5 (45th%ile poor kid, I really don’t think his head looks small though so this number confuses me)
Clothing: He is completely in 6 month clothing. All I can say when I read this (on a 4 month post) is… WOW! The upside is we have plenty of clothes for the little mister. His closet looks better than ours haha. I have been dressing him up more and more just to make sure he wears everything. Plus it’s so much fun. Last Friday for GranWen’s (Brad’s mom) birthday we sent him over to see the grandparents all dressed up, we even gel’d his hair to mirror grandpa’s (Brad’s dad). We laughed the whole time and at the end Brad said to him this is fun we can dress you up and make you look however we want. I could not stop laughing, poor kid is our very own doll. haha
Feeding: Oh goodness, still not missing meals. He is very consistently eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours. After talking with the pediatrician today Monday we got the go ahead to start him on solid foods! Watch out Rice cereal. 
Sleeping: Cash is in his crib! Cash is in his crib! In his own room (I’m pretty sure this is harder on me than him)… this is very exciting mostly because it shows how tough mommy is being, (except when daddy is away on business) but when Brad is home, Cash is now upstairs! His schedule is now very consistent. By 9:30 he is asleep and being carried to bed and most nights he stays asleep until 4am, this is the only time he goes 7 hours without eating. Then after a diaper change and feeding he is back to sleep until 7:30.
Milestones: He is now able to sit without support for short periods of time and he loves to stand while holding someones hands. I keep hearing how strong he is (duh Brad & I have been saying this since week one, see we are not crazy new parents who think our kid is super special, well maybe we are 🙂 haha). Last week he started to really discover his hands. He loves to just look at them and mine when he’s holding them. It’s so cute to see him lay there with his hand stretched out as far as he can get it in front of him and just look at it while he turns it over and moves it around. He has definitely passed the simple cooing stage I swear sometimes him & Brad have full conversations back and forth (it’s super cute). He turns toward new sounds. Grasps toys and brings everything to his mouth (which equals some pretty funny faces at times depending on the taste of whatever it is). He is quite the drooler and blows bubbles a lot. He has also started lunging forward when sitting (uh oh I do believe this is a sign that crawling is in our near future). His faces are getting even more expressive! Love his little eyebrows!

Of course with each monthly update we must include a few hundred photos of Cash!!
this face… I think he was crying to me about what daddy did haha

you can kind of see the hair gel and side part in this picture

he has officially learned that when he pulls on the monkey it plays music
(very scary if you’re not expecting it)

He loves new toys
(best thing about friends with babies- you don’t always have to buy more toys, just schedule playdates)

The simplest things keep him intrigued!

All J’d up
First time wearing shoes
(someone should of been filming Mommy & Daddy trying to get them on his feet)
 Here is the first Rice cereal experience…
ok what am I doing in this funny chair?
sure put the spoon in my mouth Mom
wait, what is this deliciousness??
hmm… this tastes funny on my tongue
Having a conversation with daddy… He’s so funny!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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