oh hello again Monday

Crazy to think this is the very last day of September….
This month just plain disappeared! 
And now that October is almost among us I’m ready to start thinking Halloween!
Last week I started putting up a few fall decorations, I can’t wait to add more but it’s a work in progress.  
And more ca$h would obviously help haha… I figure each year we can add to it!
This next week I will add the Halloween side of things and really get started on the yard! Woo Hoo

I scored these cute pumpkins from Michael’s for 1/2 off. Which meant 2$ a piece or less! Thank you sales & coupons & my returns on wedding stuff which meant I had store credit so they really seemed free! Woo Hoo! I’m really working on becoming a savvy savings shopper! Brad just shakes his head when I’m like I found another coupon we can use! YES! The best part is I’m not just finding junk ones… it’s only for stuff we regularly buy. That’s what a good discount/sale is all about after all. 
Lately I’ve been considering what a good second job would be. I’m torn between a few options… Partylite, Melaluca, Amway, Mary Kay? All see like they could have their benefits, the first two I personally use often and the best part is I could be home even more. The question is can I really build a business? I would say yes! I feel like I know enough people & could network even more so that I could actually bring in a decent income. I guess this leaves me at… I should just pick one and get started. After a little more research… I’ll let you know! Feel free to leave your opinion of course!
Also please click the link on my blog to become an official follower… If you remember my 30 before 30 list I am hoping to build this bad boy up! Which means more posts on my part (yeah yeah I’m working on it) and more followers —–> THAT’S YOU! 
Life is pretty much back to normal around here. 
With Brad going on another business trip this week, Cash & I will be having lots of fun. 
We’re hoping to get crafty, decorate & go on a couple of outings with friends! Also I plan to post much more. (really I swear) Next up on the To-Do list we have to start dreaming up a really great Halloween costume, do we go all out and have the whole family dress up? or just the little guy? 
And it’s almost that time to plan Little Man’s 1st Birthday Bash! I’m still dreaming up a great theme! Don’t worry Pinterest will probably be helping me with that! 
In other BIG NEWS we sent out all of the Wedding Shower Thank You’s! & we’ve got the wedding Thank You’s in our possession… now we just have to start writing! Hopefully we can get them all out in the next 2 weeks! I feel like 1 month after the wedding would be pretty stellar timing. Good Luck to us! Then somehow we are going to send out announcements to any other family/friends that we weren’t able to invite being that the whole affair was pretty small considering our families size. 
Yep Life is pretty much back to normal…
Growing, mischievous baby & a mile-long To-Do list… I LOVE IT!

Have a Happy Monday Friends!!!

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