Cash is 9 Months Old!

Well truth is he’s 9 months & 12 days. 
Crazy Straw Theif!
But let’s just pretend Mommy didn’t have a really busy last 2 weeks haha.
Since we are back home & mostly all settled in I am able to get us back on schedule. 
Which means it’s time for Cash’s next doctors appointment. 
Today we had his 9 month check up! Of course it went fantastic!!
The doctor raved about how happy & healthy our kid looks. And that he’s not missing meals obviously haha He was only a little shocked/disappointed that we’ve given Cash a few tastes of seafood but I mean c’mon, what do you expect doc. We’ve been to Washington too much this year not to. Dr. Mitra did convince us to do the flu shot, even though neither Brad nor I get it, it feels right to be safe rather than sorry with our kid. He also told us that it sounds as though Cash will be walking before we know it. No kidding! If only we could stop time. Or we might just take a page from my very good friends parenting book & take out his knees when he tries! (*disclaimer, this is obviously a joke*)
Of course during his two shots the kid didn’t flinch, it was after the poke he got a little pouty and then proceeded to mean mug the poor nurse. I wish I had gotten a picture of that! 
And now that the little one is all tucked in and I write this post… I can’t help but smile & think how truly Amazing being a parent is! It’s so rewarding to watch our little man grow! 
Each day we just enjoy the moments and I try to savor it all.
On to the juicy details…
Monthly Update 
Age: 9 Months
Stats: Weight: 22.2 lbs (according to the doctor) he’s actually 23 on our scale  
          Height: 29 3/4 inches  
          Head: 17 3/4 inches  
Clothes: He’s moved out of 9 month sizes & fully into 9-12 month clothes. I’m pretty sure in the last couple weeks he sprouted up much taller which is causing a few things to just not snap all the way. We figure he’ll start chunking up again soon. It’s getting even more fun to dress him lately… I can’t stop thinking what we are going to dress him as for Halloween!! 
Sleeping: Like a Champ! He did really well during this last trip and now that we are back home he’s right back on schedule. A typical night for him is from 8pm – 6am. The a bottle and a little more sleep. Breakfast at 9am. Nap around 10/10:30 until 12 or even 1. Lunch. Afternoon bottle then nap around 3. Dinner sometime between 5 & 6. Bathtime 7:30. and repeat.
Eating: What doesn’t this kid eat?! He flat out loves food, especially when we let him self feed. He wants nothing more than to do it himself. This way he controls it instead of having to yell at us when we’re not shoveling it in fast enough (yes that happens often). While in Washington this last time he tried salmon, halibut & cod and a little more chowder. We are happy to announce he is officially our kid haha… if he wasn’t a seafood lover we would have been worried. No really. 😉
Favorite Activites: Standing, Climbing, opening cupboards & drawers, crawling everywhere, getting into the fridge & dishwasher. Basically he is loving to explore right now. He is right in the middle of learning cause & effect. It’s so much fun to watch!  
Favorite Toys: My tupperware. And every box in the house. He loves every ball and loves to chew on everything he touches. 
Signature Moves: His newest thing is to stand and just yell as loud as he can. Shutting every door. He also has perfected the pouty lip and fake cry (too funny). 
Favorite Words:  He loves to respond to everything we say with an eh? or uh? It’s so funny. Of course he’s still saying DaDa and BuBBa and I still swear there’s been a Mama in there. But it’s not a favorite sadly.

Next up I can’t leave out a few photos!!!

so cool… just feeding myself mom

Hey check out my J’s

so much focus! Hey g-ma I think he needs more legos!! 

The clapping caused a blur but you get the idea
And he’s a remote thief also!
Lastly the fake cry face… makes me laugh almost every time!

I’m a little too tired to function still… So off to bed I go! 
Hope everyone had a Terrific Thursday! 
I know I did! 
And tomorrow is a new day if you didn’t… Woo Hoo!


2 thoughts on “Cash is 9 Months Old!

  1. He needs Legos?? how very cool is that!! and BTW I have that bib in my laundry : )

    He is growing so darn fast, before you know it he will be trying to wear his daddy's shoes LOL Slow that kid down a little!

    You are indeed blessed – love you, Mom


  2. I appreciate you taking the time to blog in between your busy life as a wife and Mommy…I check-in often and when there is a new post I grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! Cash is getting so big and how is it possible cuter by the dayXO


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