What Happens in Vegas…

Stay’s in Vegas Folks!!!

Unless it’s just too much fun to share! 
I must admit that I put a little photo/social media/posting ban on the weekend once we actually got to Vegas. But everyone took lots of pictures and we figure a few of them can be shared. 
The thing is I’ve realized recently how attached to our phones all of us are (I am just as guilty as the next person). It’s recently started to almost bug me that we feel the need to post every little thing right as it happens. Sometimes you just want to be “IN the Moment” you know.  Yes I know that this is just the way the world is evolving and I’m sure it will only get crazier as my son grows up. And I do recognize that this blog is out there in the public but I don’t think that I’m too overly crazy with sharing every little thing. I’m just as in to Facebook & Instagram as the next girl but why do we have to post constantly? I’m sure some of you can relate to that crickets sound that happens when you’re on a trip or out with a group of old friends and everyone is just glued to their phones instead of chatting… In my opinion, it can get to be a little much! So just remember to be in the moment & enjoy your loved ones!
In the spirit of my “catch up” week … today we’re backing it up all the way to my Birthday weekend! Which of course was AMAZING!! This year it was paired up with my Bachelorette Bash!

Six of my closest friends and I spent two days in Vegas and we had a blast! I can think of 3 specific girls that were missing, so it’s a good thing I’m planning a girls weekend with two of them for next spring (gosh that seems far away). Anyway, back to it… 2 girls flew into town while 5 of us were driving from Phx to Vegas! Oh man oh man… that car ride was one for the record books!
Once we all arrived we just had lots of good ol fashioned fun!
You didn’t think I was actually going to give you all of the details did you???

With I will give you is a small photo montage of our weekend. 
It was so much fun! 
There were a few moments of crazy but I absolutely Loved spending time with all of these girls!
I can’t even begin to thank Jaz & Amanda enough for all of their effort to organize the weekend!

All ready to go out for my birthday Friday night!
Truth be told we had way more fun in the rooms getting ready & goofing off than we did out on the town (gosh we must be getting old … at least we enjoyed ourselves!)

All the girls!!
With my lovely bridesmaids!
bathroom selfies are always necessary haha

One more group shot
Brunch Saturday morning!

Pool Time!!

We took a Stripper 101 class on Saturday after the pool… of course we needed new identities! 
They wouldn’t let us take pictures inside, but we snuck a couple anyway.
Obviously I was really good 😉
Lovely ladies!!

Of course Saturday night was a blast as well with all of the crazy bachelorette activities.
We took so long in the room we didn’t even eat dinner until 11—->Guess that’s Vegas!

guess who brought which ones…
I was starting to have some trouble!
Champagne Toast!!
Let’s do this!

Before Dinner!

The night only got better from here…

The lovely Cortney took at least 50 pictures!

And found herself a foreign “husband”

But I don’t want to bore you with all the dirty  details!
We had lots of fun {have I said that enough? cause we did!}

This pretty much sums up Saturday!

Thank you again Ladies!! I had a wonderful weekend with you ALL!!

Have a Happy Hump Day friends!!
Friendly Reminder…. Today is National Name Your Car Day!!
What’s your car’s name?


One thought on “What Happens in Vegas…

  1. hmmm maybe there needs to be a follow up Vegas trip with the Moms this time – you know a married ladies get away?? of course there are a couple of exceptions that we could invite – I would love to give that stripper 101 class… Sure looks like you ladies had a blast!!


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