Weekend before the Wedding (& a little of today

Day Three of Catch up week!!!

Sorry it’s so late… we just had a super fun day! Cash & I were up bright and early, very excited for the day ahead. I spent the morning getting organized around the house and catching up on things. During Cash’s nap time I had a phone interview for a part-time position and the good news is I have a face to face next Tuesday! Fingers crossed it’s a good fit. After lunch we headed over to one of my very best friends house’s for a play date with her kiddos. The 3 C’s have so much fun together and of course the Moms get crazy too haha. Today was no exception there were Lego’s, tools, a water table, the pool, bath time, basketball, trucks, even snack time, & art’s and crafts for mommy. We ended up staying for dinner which was really cool of her husband to put up with us lol. It’s so awesome to have good friends close by. I’m excited to watch all the fun these boys will have growing up together haha!

Carter following Cash up the stairs.
Too much water table fun!

On the drive home, Cash just crashed and I returned a phone call (hand’s free mom I promise) which turned out to be the icing to the day, a call back about another job opportunity!
Big Things Happening Here!
After all of that, I’m finally able to have a little sit down at the computer time.
But no wine tonight… I think it would put me straight to sleep. 

On to what this post is really about . . .
I do realize I have already posted some about the week right before the wedding.
But hey, A LOT of stuff took place in that time!! For one thing we had an absolute blast! But the biggest happenings I haven’t really mentioned are my two Bridal Showers! I’m pretty sure I haven’t thanked the ladies who did them for me near enough (I don’t know that I can).
Both events were so amazing!

On Saturday the 7th, my Grandma hosted a Bridal Tea for me at her home. She invited quite a few of the cousins from my mom’s side of the family which was especially nice being that we weren’t able to invited very many of them to our wedding festivities. In case you weren’t sure *My family is Huge* and our wedding was really small in comparison. It was just plain impossible to invite everyone that we wanted there.  But anyway, it was so much fun to visit with all of these ladies that I hardly ever see. The added bonus was so many of us now have little ones, so we all brought them along. Let me tell you watching the play is always hilarious. Somebody’s kid has to be the shy one, then there’s the bossy one, the loud one, the bully, the loaner… you know how it is. It’s such a great time watching them interact and learn together along with the hovering moms (or not so hover-y moms lol). Of course the food was delicious smoked salmon and all of the fixings with yummy little desserts. Everyone mingled, ate, & chatted then I opened a few gifts while the kiddos played at our feet. It was so nice!

Baby Play Time. (These two are exactly 1 month apart)  
Centerpiece my grandma made 
Dish towels she made (obviously my crafty side is from her)  
Throwback… Grandma & me
Cash was so tired at the end… He fell asleep on Great Grandma

The next day was my full on Bridal Shower hosted by my lovely Aunt.
Let me tell you she, over-the-top, outdid herself with this one!
I was so amazed by all of the little details she put into everything (I really shouldn’t be because she is that amazing & detail oriented in every day life) My aunt’s sister graciously gave up her house for the day and even took lots of pictures for us! I can’t wait to see them! The whole house/yard was decked out Hawaiian style with gorgeous flowers (thanks to my super talented cousin) and some of the best authentic Hawaiian food, there was even the cutest photo booth set up down by the river. It was hands down the best shower I’ve been to. And I’m not being cocky because it was mine, they seriously thought of everything, I kinda felt like it should’ve been in a movie. I can’t even thank her enough for all of her hard work! I have such an amazing family & I am so very grateful. One of the highlights for me was having my cousin’s girlfriend there. Her & I became close when they first started dating and I really miss spending time with her! But we just live too far away now. For our big day sadly her & my cousin were in another wedding so they weren’t able to make it (I know they will come visit us in the desert eventually!) It was such an amazing time! And It was so great to have a day as the bride before the actual big day. Ok, Ok I’ll stop gushing and show you the few photos that I do have. Don’t mind the quality it’s all I have yet, thanks to my friends for sending me their phone pics & my mom’s ipad!

It was just an amazing weekend! One for the memory books for sure!
Good thing I have this awesome blog to record it all haha!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thursday!
It’s almost the weekend friends!

One thought on “Weekend before the Wedding (& a little of today

  1. Was gonna comment on the Vegas post and then I decided to view both of em(was gonna save one for tomorrow but I could not resist)Your Vegas weekend appeared to be TOO MUCH FUN! You said it yourself but thought it bears repeating, everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves(wink)…and onto your tea/shower weekend. Of course Aunt Roberta out did herself…when has she not and it looks like she did another amazing job. Loved those pics …I miss your cousin's girlfriend as well and I got to see a pic of Dixie Gramma! Thanks Jen as it warmedmy heart XO


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