Cash is 10 Months Old!

crazy crazy crazy…
I just don’t have words! Almost every time I look at him… I think gosh stop growing. 
So Brad came home today  EXCITING  for all of us!  Sure enough while we were eating dinner Cash decided to take 3 small steps from me to him (to try to steal off of his plate haha) We were both in shock and no matter how we try he wont do it again. But that’s alright. The fact that he waited and did it in front of both of us was so Amazing! Now he can go ahead and stop trying, just keep crawling for a couple weeks kid so Mommy can pretend you’re still a baby! 
It’s hard to think that I should start thinking about planning his first birthday.
Only 2 months and our little munchkin will be One year old. Oh man. {deep breaths}

Even though time is flying by, we are just loving every moment! 
That’s all you can do right…
Now onto,

This Months fun stuff:

Age: 10 months old Today!! 
Stats:  I just weighed & measured him to be sure… but he’s 23.7lbs & 32inches long
Clothes: He’s pretty darn close to grown out of the 9 month size. I’m still squeezing him a few of the extra cute stuff that he may not have worn much. But we’re definitely moved into bigger PJ’s.
Sleeping: Gosh last night he slept for 12 hours straight. I woke up at 8am like am I dreaming? He still takes 2-3 naps a day. 2 if he sleeps extra long at night, 3 if he wakes up at 6am. But he’s sleeping so well I really have no complaints! And I don’t even mind 6am wake ups cause it means extra cuddle time with Mama!
Eating: Everything in sight! He has tried so many new foods this past month… Cantelope, oranges, pizza, pasta, and more. And he still loves watermelon, eggs, any breads or breakfast like pancakes, waffles & crepes. Its so much fun watching him react to new foods. And so far there hasn’t been a single thing he didn’t keep eating.
Favorite Activites: Walking laps around the house while pushing his walker . Pulling out every piece of tupperware from the cupboard and then pushing a few select pieces around on the floor is definitely a favorite. Mommy is doing quite well controlling her OCD during this one haha. He is also LOVING Mickey Mouse Clubhouse… not even the whole episode, he busy’s himself with toys and other stuff but as soon as he hears the hotdog song he drops everything and must watch. It’s the funniest thing to see him smile & giggle the whole time! 
Favorite Toys: He’s really getting into balls lately. Along with books and the few legos that we have. We went to visit Amanda last Thursday & the water table was a HUGE hit! Looks like we will be getting something similar very soon! It just stays too nice in Arizona not to!
Signature Moves: Pointing. Crawling halfway up the stairs and then trying to dive off . Finding a favorite toy of the moment and carrying it everywhere he goes, even it that means he’s pushing it across the floor as he crawls somewhere. He’s also started to put his hand up and reach for us when he wants to be picked up. And of course that signature pouty lip is still very much alive, a few times we’ve had real tears conjured up for the effect. 
Favorite Words: Recently we’ve really moved to the huh and eh sound. Of course DaDa is still very much a favorite. 
Nicknames: Bubba, Bobby Bands, Mexican Baby (don’t let this offend any of you, it’s definitely not negative. his dad is a funny guy) 
Other Milestones: Full on standing without holding on, it’s brief but it happens. And 3 steps!!

I’ve been a little behind on the photo uploading… 
so we’ll add to this post later 
Or maybe just a photo only post would be good 🙂
Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!

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