With the hubby out of town we are probably having way too much fun! Cash & I have had play-dates almost everyday since he’s been gone, we’ve crafted, been to the park, and we’ve bargain shopped to our mommy’s hearts content. Thank goodness for killer sales & gift cards eh.  

 I love how excited he gets over seeing Mickey Mouse!
We don’t watch much t.v. in fact he wont sit through a whole episode even, but the hot dog dance at the end… oh gosh he could watch that on repeat and get this excited every time! So cute!!
Building a road with his new friend Laura (this was right before he godzilla-ed it so funny)
First salt dough craft…
I missed the painting part but apparently he did have the paint brush in his hand but really wasn’t interested.
I touched it up and wrote the date on it today and it’s so awesome! 

 Loving the swings!! I was honestly a little nervous at first, but I stayed close & he loved it so much it was worth the mini-mommy-panic inside.  
shopping with mommy… I feel like he held my wallet hostage
Now that you’ve had a cuteness overload with our recent events. I give you the rest of this post,


Eating: nothing at the moment… thinking about what I’m cooking tomorrow with Brad still gone and our menu for the week. I did have a delicious dinner thanks to Fry’s. Apparently they do something very similar to our favorite “gourmet” grocery store AJ’s (which is a little too pricey, so we rarely treat ourselves) As Cash & I wandered around tonight we strolled by their freshly prepared foods and oh my goodness, staring right at me was crab stuffed salmon for only $12.99 & it came with 2 sides. What? How have I missed this? I knew that was my dinner… and the nice lady even offered up a sample of mashed potatoes to feed Cash while I finished shopping. Little charmer is always making friends!
Reading: I’ve been doing quite a bit of Blog reading lately. Catching up with all of my favorites Little Baby Garvin {where I got my chalkboard inspiration and baby product reviews}, Living in Yellow {Erin’s is so much fun to read & great for a laugh}, The Honeybee {Andee is super fashionable & a fellow mama}, Sometimes Sweet {I’ve talked about this one before, but Danielle is a really great writer} & The Freckled Fox {Emily is about my age, a mama of 3 -soon to be 4, & her blog is full of everything from fashion/hair to DIY to recipes}. I even found a new one A Smashing Good Life she has so many great healthy recipes! You could say I’ve had my reading self busy… I’m still on the hunt for a new good book though!
Listening To: the Huskies vs. Stanford game! Dawgs just scored woot woot!
Watching: Oh I guess that’s the same as above… Football is on our T.V. all weekend long this time of year. But I am definitely Loving that some of my shows are back on. With Brad gone I’ve managed to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Nashville & New Girl! So fun!
Bummed out on: I can’t believe I forgot formula at the grocery store today! Really? Mommy fail! Good thing I had a couple sample packs in the cupboard & a few bags of milk in the freezer still. We will make it through until we can hit up the store tomorrow! Which only irritates me cause I was hoping for a complete veg-out/ relaxing Sunday. Oh well, you can’t win em all. 
Feeling: So very Loved & Appreciated! My hubby surprised me today for no reason other than to show his Thanks with a bouquet of flowers. Super sweet of him! 

Then there is my sons face when he first sees me after his nap or when he realizes he needs me to play with him, it just melts my heart with the love I see written all over it. *One day I’ll get that picture, having it burned in my brain is pretty amazing though
Working on: Getting our house fall-ized & Halloween ready! My lovely friend supplied me with the parts to a crafty/spooky banner. I’m hoping to get lights/cobwebs & spiders up this weekend. I’m also still working on our Thank you cards —-> by that I mean I have everything laid out on the table I just need to sit down & write them. Ugh! At least that can wait until Brad gets back so he can help lol…
Loving: That I was a crazy amazing bargain shopper today… hitting up sales & using only gift cards for everything we got! I also managed to exchange the kitchen aid my amazing grandma bought us me, which was exactly what I wanted but I’m an indecisive nut case & decided I really needed wanted a different color.

With that you’re probably wondering what happened to my catch up week? Why did this lady leave us hanging…. Hello…. Wedding Photos?? I promise you I haven’t forgotten. That post is definitely started and is going to have to be split up into 2 posts (at least). I am diligently working on it… I just didn’t want to skip this weeks events in the process. So expect lots of posting over the weekend and into next week! My poor little fingers aren’t going to know what hit them! 
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! 
sorry it’s so grainy… if you look quick you can’t hardly tell
Gosh I need a big girl camera!

2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Thanks again busy Mommy for letting us have a glimpse into your life…I am curious to know what color did you choose for that mixer? I get to meet up with Kim tomorrow and I am super excited! The pictures of Cash are priceless:)XO


  2. Love the blogs – and am so very happy i got a little face time last night too – although I really think you should (want)have more of my old party lite stuff. after all i need to make room for new stuff! Cash Man is growing fast & I must say I am going thru withdrawls after all the wedding prep time i got to spend with him (& You & Brad…) It wont be long before you will be running to catch up with him! Enjoy your week!


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