Weekend Excitement

The weekend is only halfway through… and already I’ve had enough excitement for the next 2 weeks!
First things first, 
I’m starting my own little business!!
Well really I’m joining in on the wonderful world of Partylite Candles.
So if you’re a candle lover (or you just like your home to smell nice) feel free to stop on by and help me get started! For this weekends show I need friends to go to Monica’s site to order their candles with me as the host. Then by next weekend I will have my very own site! It’s such a great company & I know candles are a staple in so many homes, plus they’re a great gift!
One of my favorites right now for the holidays are these electric warmers.

The pumpkin is awesome cause you can use a dry erase marker to draw a jack ‘o lantern face for October, then wipe it off for November and keep your fall theme going strong.
So why not go check it out!! I promise you’ll love something! 🙂
As soon as my site is up I will add it on here so you all can easily link to it & check out new stuff!

Today was full of “excitement”.
Poor Cash-man isn’t feeling his best.

doesn’t keep him from destroying my cupboards

(Neither are Mommy & Daddy at this point)
It started yesterday with just a stuffy nose and lots of congestion by midnight I woke up to the sound of his wheezing and coughs through the monitor…. OH NO mommies worst nightmare
He quickly woke himself up and our sleepless night began. 
After a few hours of trying to console him, baby Vick’s, part of a bottle, laps around the house and some moments of sleep on mommy for the little guy he started violently wheezing and I couldn’t take it anymore  Watching that little chest go up & down and seeing his ribcage strain I was beyond ready to the ER. Silly me didn’t want to overreact but this was so much worse than before, mommy instincts kicked in & it was time to go! We quickly woke Brad (poor guy was startled out of sleep to a croupy baby wheeze before we even made it down the stairs) and off the ER we rushed.
 I can honestly say neither of us have ever been so scared. 
Arriving at 5:30am, of course he hadn’t had a high fever for me but when they started admitting him & took his temp it was 101.5 plus his wheezing wasn’t letting up. They got us back right away gave him breathing treatments, a steroid, Tylenol, a chest x-ray and then we just waited. and waited. and waited. After awhile we had to give him a cool mist, 30 minutes later (by now it’s 7:30 at least but it still feels like 3am) poor kid was getting so antsy, hungry and tired he was over it. 

 He tried to do it himself… Mr. Independent!

Lucky for us the doctor came back with the Chest X-Ray results… she said the words “some stuff in his lungs” “start of pneumonia” my heart dropped, when Brad & I met eyes I know we were both pale (typical 1st time parents). Of course she caveatted with it’s only viral and we are going to give you an antibiotic, along with a steroid and breathing treatment machine to help the wheezing. My Brain started rationalizing {Deep Breaths Parents, you two gotta keep it together, the kid will be fine}. An hour later we are finally getting discharge paperwork, all instructions & prescriptions. Thank goodness. We get to head home & Sleep! Reading the x-ray report and discharge sheet they officially diagnosed him with bronchiolitis {way better sounding than pneumonia right>.
Poor kid slept the whole way home and napped for an hour once we got him to bed.
That breathing treatment machine is no joke {expensive}
but at least he loves taking medicine from a syringe {weirdo} haha!

Great timing on this random gift of Lego’s from Grammy B!!
Plotting his escape to outside

Crazy kid bounced around all afternoon alternating between yelling & happy, moments of fussiness & content. He seems to be getting used to the fog blowing in his face and his appetite is back in action. Now we just wait and see what tonight brings {this mama is hoping for lots of sleep}.
And here’s to lots of prayers up to the big man… our baby is going to be just fine.
One thing I’m sure of is I have a pretty darn Amazing husband. He steps up more than I could hope in moments of need and is more concerned with our baby’s well being! I just love him!
Today could’ve been so much worse. But we are very blessed to have each other!
And our sicky munchkin…

Thanks for letting me vent the good & the bad!
Tomorrows a new day!
Sweet Dreams Friends!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Excitement

  1. Glad everything turned out ok with Cash…scary time for sure:) Good Luck with your new business venture, I am sure you will do great! ( you could probably be a top seller with just Mom as a client;) XO


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