Our Wedding Day {Part 1}

Being that today is our 1 month anniversary!

How perfect that I finally blog about our big day!
I’m not sure I can begin to explain how magical and perfect this day was for us. Honestly who knows if Brad feels the same way I do (wait yes I do) Our Day kicked Butt!! It was absolutely everything we hoped for & more! Were there kinks (of course) but who the heck cares!
In the end we are happily married!
It was perfect. And a complete blur. Gosh I can’t wait to see the video!
To really get the full effect you would somehow have to look into my head, so sorry you can’t do that!
Instead I’ll just have to do some kind of crazy photo replay of our weekend… uh oh.
{Beware the next few posts titled “WEDDING” will have a major photo overload!}
But what can you do right?

Let us start at the beginning… Friday = Rehearsal

The chairs were delivered in the morning…
trust that the fog made me nervous!
oh moms, having fun despite the stress of wedding week!
love them 
the usual scatter before we got organized
plus we were waiting on a groomsman
how amazing is my beautiful cousin/florist! she rocked it people
guess who’d rather be golfing haha
almost had a bridesmaid down. we quickly decided
non-slip strips would be added before saturday
notice the father of the groom standing in for the
MIA groomsmen (this will become a pattern) 
pretty sure the “wedding planner” is talking &
we could care less what she’s saying
Cash is a little confused what we are all doing
One run through down (only 5 or 6 more to go lol)
final groomsman showed!! 
Love our best man & matron of honor 
looking at mom 🙂 
secret handshake —> we’re so cool!
and lets do this again… dad ♥

After all this fun… we were off to Dukes for a great night of Food, Drink & Wedding Party Fun!

the kiddos loved that we had the room to ourselves

In between courses we had a few speeches…and really nice gifts.

 from my parents… personalized Hawks jersey’s
you can see Brad is thrilled! 
But he promised to wear it if we go further than the Cardinals (ie the Superbowl)

  from Brad’s parents
really awesome shirts from New York
which we wore the day/week after the wedding!

Shotski for the Boys!!

But they were a little to big to take them as the were supposed to haha

 they posed at least….

Last kiss before we’re married! 
last photo together before the wedding!
Pre Mr & Mrs Jenkins

After all this fun… we headed back to the hotel to bottle & label the beers.
And get some rest!

or jump on the bed with your flower girl you know, the important stuff!
(this got rid of our sugar rush haha)

****Happy 1 Month to us!!****

Stay tuned for more wedding recap friends!
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday…. remember it’s not Monday’s fault!!

taken from a facebook friend who got it from katie herself

See you soon!

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