Our Wedding Day {Part 2}

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday.
We’ve had lots of fun stuff happening around our house!
Now that I have some down time I’m a blogging machine… I think I may actually have too much to write about oops. I have been trying to make a few changes to this site. Beware some links are under construction but I will get there. It’s a learning process {one that I’m self-teaching} until I get a little extra cash this is all me! One day I’ll get someone super qualified to take this baby to the next level.

I know you are all in great suspense waiting for more wedding photos. I’ve finally narrowed down the 700++ pictures to my top 100 for the photographer to create a book for us. Can I tell you have incredibly difficult that was?! I still love so many others but I am reassured as in the end we get digital copies of all of them and the rights to re-print. Basically I get a crazy amount of photos to remember our day {not sure that my hubby is as thrilled by this as I am haha}. Since we did get so many photos there is clearly no way I’m putting all of them on here! For your viewing I’m just selecting a few! * If you really want to see them all feel free to email me & I can send you the photographers link. 

And now for the juicy details {photos} from our Big Day!!!

I could tell you over and over and over how Amazing it really was. 
But you may get a little nauseous from my gushing…
 So I’ll save you the words & just tell you the story through photos 🙂
the getting ready process obviously requires personalized Starbucks
Cash crawling around                     & we spied out the window, Brad headed to the gym   
almost ready to go get dressed

the dress & a few pretty details

I love this picture of lil miss Hailey & I

it’s getting closer

seeing my dad for the first time

goofing around with our wedding party!

Brad & I didn’t see each other before the ceremony!
 It was really cool to stay traditional and it made the walk down the isle that much more exciting.

 our view was breathtaking.

 this picture sums up the ceremony!
crazy best man left the rings on the counter
Oh man!
at least it added some humor & totally erased any nerves haha

 in the end we did it!

and everything was Amazing!
{have I overused that word yet?}
We were so blessed to have our closest friends and family witness our union.

The one thing I’m still kicking myself over, is we completely forgot to take a picture of us with all of the wedding guests. My hope is that my uncle was able to capture it in the video. We are still in suspense on that but it shouldn’t be too much longer.
Here are a few more of the little details.


3 generations 
Some family formals

 and the bridal party

With that you have our wedding ceremony!
Reception photos will have to wait for another day folks!

Here’s to another day with loved ones!
Remember you can never have too much love… so spread it around friends!

2 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day {Part 2}

  1. I just knew the delay in a “new” post would be so worth it…and it was! Thank you for sharing, I cannot possibly pick out a favorite, they are all AMAZING (wink) XO


  2. A few more tears it seems I still have in me – each time I see the pictures they bring a few more delightful and “amazing” memories of what was a very special day!


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