A little Quiz

Hello there! Our week seems to be a little roller coaster… more good stuff than bad, but that’s life huh. 
Little man is starting to feel better… he refuses to slow down and relax so that must be a good sign!
He’s also doing better with his breathing treatments… still have to fight him occasionally but sometimes I can convince him it’s really not that bad. Those moments I even get him to self treat, so that’s a bonus!
Today I’m doing a little something different. 
Change is good! 
I recently came across this quiz while following  Little Chief Honeybee on Blog Lovin’ one of the many I get so much joy out of reading in the early mornings or late evenings. I saw last week that she did a little quiz… How Fun! I was instantly brought back to the days of MySpace in High School. Oh Wow! so I thought to myself, maybe I should do it too, I mean, why the heck not? Who doesn’t love a silly little quiz… Thanks to Kaelah bee for letting me steal the questions! 
Here it goes!

1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I’m more often than not woken up to my sons chatter or yelling that he’s up. So I head straight to make a bottle and then into his room to greet him for a diaper change and some cuddle time. 

2. What is the 3rd picture on your phone? Share it! 

it’s actually this little gem… from our 3-D ultrasound when Cash was just a little nugget in my belly!

3. What TV show are you most excited about returning this Fall?

Well, there’s probably too many to name for this… I’m so bad because we DVR the crap out of shows… Some of my favorites include… Greys Anatomy, Glee, Shameless, New Girl, Dancing with the Stars, Duck Dynasty. Oh I’m sure there are more but I’ll stop now. 

4. What is something really popular that you secretly (or not so secretly) loathe?

twerking. what the heck people? Oh & people assuming things (that’s not really a popular trend but it bugs me)

5. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them! Bonus points for pictures.

Nope. Sadly we are pet-less right now. I think the plan is to get a dog sometime around Christmas or after? We just traveled way too much this year. But soon!

6. If you could put together one outfit that represents you perfectly, what would it be?
ha. Leggings, sandals and a long top —> usually it’s a solid color but bonus points to me when it’s printed or flowy or super bonus if I choose to layer. And it’s always a good day when I manage to do my hair! I’m a minimalist. I would love to dress up every day and have lots of accessories but lets be honest that’s just not me.

7. What is your favorite adult beverage?
Lemon Drops. I’m a sucker for the over the top flavored ones like the blueberry one at Dukes! 

And I love a good glass of sweet white wine. I’m such a Girl

8. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Listening to music all day, dancing around & singing while doing chores and playing with the little guy. Wait that’s my daily routine. haha. Number one guilty pleasure fresh baked, still warm from the oven brownies or choc chip cookies & really cold milk!

9. What are 3 positive words to describe you?
I asked my Husband this one and he said Kind, Caring & Considerate (which all seem like the same to me haha) I’m also a look on the bright-side person! Happy is the best way to be 🙂

10. What is your favorite Friday afternoon/evening activity?
Truthfully my day are kind of this mixed up blur that runs together. But I absolutely love playtime with my son, putting him to bed and then cuddling up to watch a movie with my husband. We have so much fun just being together. I feel very lucky that we get to do it so often!

11. A day in the life: What does you typical day look like?
wake up around 5:30, get a bottle and cuddle with the little one, we usually fall back asleep until around 8am, the after some playtime and the occasional Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we wake daddy at 9am with more cuddles. Then it’s breakfast for Cash & coffee for Mom & Dad. By 10:30, Cash goes down for a nap and I fit in blogging, emails, wedding stuff (almost over just trying to finalize photos & finish thank you’s). Brad & I eat a full breakfast around 11 and then showers. Daddy goes to the gym. Cash is up somewhere around 12 and we play until he’s hungry. Lunch at 1. More playtime, sometimes a walk. Around 3ish/3:30 he gets a bottle and down for an afternoon nap. I usually get to escape to run errands. Then it’s dinner for everyone around 5:30/6. More playtime until 7:30 rolls around, Cash gets a bath, bottle and off to bed. Brad works and I clean up , maybe blog if I didn’t in the morning, or catch up on shows (it varries). By 9 Brad & I somehow always meet in the kitchen for a little snack and then we retire to bed for some mindless t.v. and chit chat about the day/week ahead. Until we fall asleep… and prep for the next day!

12. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
by the beach somewhere… I need to travel to some other countries to really decide on this one.

It may not be like this picture above… but Good thing I love it here in Arizona!

13. You’ve got a whole day to yourself…what will you do?
yeah right. ok Dreamland I’ll play. I would go workout in the morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast while watching morning t.v., go lay by the pool and then a little shopping, mani/pedi or maybe a nap. followed by dinner & a movie with my hubby. Not sure I could make it through all that without the little guy but I’m pretty sure he could fit into that!

14. Dream job?
working with people and helping them. now that I’m a mom I realize that I want to be able to be home as much as possible. So somehow I need to find something that can allow me to do all of that… hmm? Blogging could work!!
Now I just need to figure out how to build this thing!

15. Least favorite chore?
cleaning bathrooms. YUCK. Who would even enjoy that I mean really… {if you do, please come to my house!}

16. When do you most feel like a rock star?
When I cross  every. last. thing. off of my To Do list. and I don’t think of anything to add that day haha.

17. What is something you are currently trying to improve within yourself?
I really want to get back to working out daily! Brad & I are going to get crazy and give Insanity a try starting tomorrow… so here’s to me getting back into shape!

I hope you enjoyed my little quiz! Feel free to do your own… and link back! 
Happy Tuesday friends!

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