Our Wedding Day {part 3}

The Reception
The Formals
The. Day. After.

It seems, I was pushed to give you just a little bit more. This evening, I opened a big box from our photographer it contained prints of every photo he took, a cd and the release form. Say What?
How awesome right? I now have the power to make prints of
anything I want, in any size I want, on any type of paper, canvas, wood, whatever really!
Someone hold me back! {oh wait that’s my husband’s job now ha}

how can I begin to explain to you just how much I am loving going back through our wedding photos over & over and seemingly reliving the wonderful weekend that it was.
I know it’s a little corny but it just makes me so darn happy.
The topper is knowing all of the little “behind the scenes” extras that took place 
A photo really does speak a thousand words. And provoke a million more memories.
I know that I’ve shared quite a bit, but really who doesn’t want just a little bit more.
I do promise this will be the final photos post on the actual events
{until our anniversary of course bwahahaha}

 the food & drinks were so delish!

 We have the best friends!!

Our baker (pictured above) is Amazing! I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things she accomplishes in the food industry. I feel so lucky to be her first wedding.You are going to do big things girl!
Also you should note the cake picture makes me realize “I should’ve seen that coming” haha!

first dance
shots. shots. shots.

 we came to party folks

 Our room was decked out with all the gorgeous flowers from the reception!

 making it official, pretty sure Bird was telling me we weren’t married yet
funny guy that one

 appropriately representing our teams on Sunday! 

 the clean-up crew arrived

 & then we all just slept.

I leave you with a touch of mushy…

It truly was the most memorable weekend of my life (tied with the weekend our son was born of course). But to finally marry the man of my dreams, I mean really, who could ask for more?
I feel so blessed to be living this life
I couldn’t ask for a better partner to go through everything with.
May you all find your other half and your own happiness!

Happy Friday!
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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