Its Football Sunday

I literally started this post 7 weeks ago, when football season actually started. So here is it week 8 and I’m finally putting it out there! I promise I had very good intentions… “Woo Hoo Football season is here! Let me show off delicious football foods to you every Sunday”…. it’s now an nice combo of what we’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks and what’s to come! I am fully blaming our travel & wedding on this one! And it’s quite alright. Life Happens! 
Not sure what Sunday’s are like in your house, but around here… it’s All. About. Football.
College & Pro alike, it takes over our entire weekends starting on Thursday nights. Saturdays. Sundays. and Monday nights too.
Of course the games are important but it’s the food that really counts… we try hard to eat healthy so we tend to save our fat kid cheat days for Sunday. Which is just perfect! Somehow most of the time, it turns into this slightly awkward yet delicious mix of ultimate cheating and healthy eating. {we can’t help that it’s our lifestyle haha}
The weirdest part about last Sunday was no Seahawk or Cardinal football. Mind you this is because they played on Thursday and wait for it… (In case u live on a different planet than me or you just weren’t sure) the Hawks won! Yep I now how a little big of bragging rights in my house (at least until December when they meet again & hopefully we have the same outcome). Go Seahawks! This meant the rest of the weekend wasn’t as exiting as others, but we made it through.

Our first football Sunday as a married couple was spent signing the marriage license and then I sent Brad to the bar with his buddies for a few hours, since he could only catch the Cardinals game there it seemed fair. Being that we were in Washington my Seahawks were on TV that night. No cooking for me post-wedding, just plain old recovering {S L E E P}. Somehow the day became this blur of finding where stuff was taken to the night before and sorting through everything to pack the car up on Monday.
The next weekend we were back home and sort of in our regular routine. Of course we need a few appetizers so instead of just boring chips & dip I made, cowboy caviar and spicy chicken wings. For the main course, my dads “famous” homemade green-chile enchiladas I change them up and picked chicken today rather than ground turkey…. mmm mmm good! Some weeks it’s homemade pizza. Or just plain takeout if we’re feeling lazy. One thing is for sure it’s all about the food. 
spicy baked chicken wings
cowboy caviar (with tomatoes & without)
chicken enchiladas
cowboy caviar, eggrolls & watermelon
(see what I mean about random mix)

& Sometimes the drink. ha.
he loves to steal things from the fridge door
Oh & making sure our kid is appropriately dressed for whichever team is playing. Knowing that he will probably follow his daddy’s lead on this one, I’m more than happy to put him in Seahawks colors during Hawks games and Cardinal red for Cards games. When they played each other I went totally neutral with white only {poor kid has crazy rival team parents lol}. I do know that it’s tons of fun to have a little one to dress up however you want to!!
Honestly this week we aren’t to sure what to have. We keep going back and forth with ideas, yet here it is Sunday and the best I’ve got is to go all out with a delicious breakfast. I’m thinking pumpkin pancakes, chicken apple sausage & cheesy eggs? Hmm… it’s 9am I should get started on that soon huh?
After the Cardinals game we have big plans for pumpkin carving and dinner out with the grandparents.
It should be an exciting day, can’t wait to share photos of Cash’s first pumpkin guts experience. Roast pumpkin seeds & start planning Thursday’s menu. We also got Cash a totally different costume than what we originally got. (this is why mommy & daddy shouldn’t have a date night and brainstorm ideas oops) All I know is he will be super cute! This week is just getting better & better! 
Now I’m off to cook a little & watch some football! 
Definitely can’t wait for tomorrow night… Go Hawks!
Come back soon! I will be posting my 100th post next! Followed by all of our Halloween festivities!
Have a great Sunday friends! 

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