Our weekend in Pictures

We’ve been having lot’s of family time… it’s really nice!
Hope you all are enjoying the weekend with your family too!
apparently I should be wearing flip flops still?

He’s learned how to open & close the wipes box

got my nails done
Surprised Brit for her birthday!!
Cash played with Barbies (for like 2 seconds & then he went for the car of course!)
morning snacks?

wake up daddy
Pizza Bagels during College football games
probably should’ve bought this. hmmm
gorgeous AZ sunsets
baby squats
broke in the kitchen aide
pizzookie post to follow!

Sunday Mornings…. blueberry pancakes 

All this & it’s not even over yet!
In other news…
Seahawks won (we’re 9-1 in case you weren’t sure)! Cardinals are ahead! 
As soon as Brad gets home from the game, 
we have big plans for Insanity, dinner & who knows what else…
Life is pretty darn great! No complaints from this lady!
Enjoy your evening friends!!!

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