Cash- 11 Months Old

here we are. yet another month come & gone. only one more and my baby wont really be a baby any longer. it’s pretty crazy to think he is going to be a year old in one very short month.
We love you little man. We can’t begin to tell you how fun every single day is with you in our lives!
But I’m so very excited to plan the festivities!!
And I really can’t wait to see his face after trying cake for the first time!

Before I get too excited… let’s get onto his 11 month stats.

Age: 11 months old
Weight: 24lbs (by our home scale)
Height: 31inches tall (based on mommy’s measuring tape)
Head: 18.5 in. again this is a mommy measurement, thanks to Daddy for distracting him this morning.
Clothes: Oh he is 100% in 12 month size clothes. We are wondering if he should be in 18 month PJ’s cause his poor feet are squished into the 12 month ones haha. It’s so cute to put him in pants & t-shirts. I almost wish we lived somewhere cold just for the sweaters & jackets. (eh that’s ok, maybe one day).
Favorite Foods: Blueberry Pancakes, pasta, avocado, sweet potato fries. Really anything that is on our plate he wants. He loves to feed himself. Next up I think we’ll let him try out the spoon it’s just a little scary to know the mess that will follow that adventure. 
Favorite Words: da-da, na-na, ti-ti, bu-bu & uh? Still only syllables around here. But he is a huge fan of pointing and he’s starting to get the hang of waving.
Least Favorite Words: No. haha he Hates to be told no. We’ve been trying to use other words like yucky or just redirect him. It’s pretty darn funny to watch his face scrunch up and fake cry if we tell him no though. 
Favorite Activities: Throwing the ball back and forth with daddy. Pushing toys all around the house. He loves that we’ve un-gated the front room & re-arranged the living room, so now his play area is a much bigger wide open space. Pulling all of his toys out of the bin. Taking every piece of tupperware out of the cupboard. Loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and turning the pages when we read a book. Chewing on anything we let him (or don’t let him) is also a big favorite. Peek-a-Boo makes him belly laugh & giggle, we have so much fun with that & tickle time.
Favorite Toys: Every Ball he owns. But especially the soft soccer ball & basketball. Legos. Books. and his new activity center. T.V remotes, water bottles and cardboard boxes are still favorites too. 🙂
Signature Moves: The point, doesn’t matter which hand he just loves to point at people and pictures. He also puts his hands in the air when he wants to be picked up. And once he’s up he wraps his legs and arms around you so tight and just clings like a little monkey. 
Mom & Dad’s Proudest Moment: Well he can officially go up the stairs on his own . Silly mommy took him out of the highchair and went to get ready without remembering that the gate was not on the stairs. Sure enough I heard him at the top closing the walk through gate and came running out just in time to see him locked upstairs. *insert mini heart attack* hey at least he has learned to close the gate at the top! right?!
Other Milestones: Obviously big guy is Walking! Sometimes he gets going so fast he just face plants, so I can’t imagine running is far behind. He is eating everything he can on his own with his hands. Drinks from a sippy cup no problem but we’re still working on the straw concept. He’s starting to learn that his facial expressions mean something, definitely watches our reactions to his cries and laughs. He’s climbing on everything he can. But this isn’t new this month, it’s just getting worse! His big toothy grin when he sees one of us and then he takes off trying to run towards us (makes my heart melt every time). His right front top tooth has pushed through and the left one isn’t far behind. 
Can you see all those teeth!

Hey everyone, I’m 11 months old today!!!

 Now it’s time to really start party planning his party!!!
I mean it’s only 1 month away.
Our final choice for his 1st birthday bash theme is….
(not that he needs them, just that everything will we lego-colored and inspired)
*thanks pinterest for the jumpstart on ideas*

Have a wonderful rest of your day friends.
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Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Cash- 11 Months Old

  1. Less than a month and the PNW Grandparents will be there to give this precious boy a hug (& his parents too) Can't wait to spoil him with hugs and some special toys… : ) I'm really loving his hair color too, its about the same shade as his Grandpa Don's was when he was that age I think. Will have to ask Great Grandma. And, he is still going to be a baby to us even if he is technically fast becoming a toddler!


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